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Digital Tissue Paper

All of our digital prints are done on two types of white tissue paper. With our digital based process, you can select any color to be your background and we will simply tint your tissue paper to that color. This allows you the ability to have any color scheme you desire, all at no extra cost.

10# White Tissue

Our 10# is what most people would recognize as regular retail or gift grade tissue wrap.

Advantages: It is soft to the touch and has a very elegant translucent look. It allows for a higher quality of print and better color matching capabilities.

18# White Tissue

Our 18# is a cross between standard tissue paper and a very thin wrapping paper. It is thicker and more durable, while still maintaining a bit of the porous look and feel that makes tissue paper what it is.

Advantages: It is the only tissue type offered in the 20" x 30" sheet size and does not require a bi-fold at any size option.

Why white ink?
To aid in printing digitally on colored tissue paper (especially dark colors)

Why is this necessary?
Our 4-color digital printing process uses "transparent" inks. This is how we generate the wide range of colors in the vivid high quality images that we print. This process is predicated on having an opaque white base substrate to allow the colors to be seen as intended.

When a non-white substrate is substituted, vibrancy is lost and colors begin to look "faded". Putting white ink underneath the normal 4-color process adds the necessary opacity for the transparent inks to return to their vivid state.  

Revolutionizing Decoupage Art with DigiWrap’s Advanced Tissue Paper

DigiWrap introduces an unparalleled tissue paper solution, specially crafted to elevate the standard of decoupage art. Our new product line is the result of meticulous innovation and dedication to quality, ensuring that every piece of art you create is not only stunning but enduring. Here’s a deeper dive into the enhancements that set our tissue paper apart:

Advanced Ink Adhesion for Easy Handling:

We’ve developed a unique treatment that securely bonds the ink to the tissue, ensuring your artwork remains vibrant and intact, even when exposed to moisture. This groundbreaking approach allows for a worry-free creative process, where your art stays as vivid as the day it was created.

Fresh Start for Every Batch:

To guarantee the highest quality output, we completely refresh our printing press before each run. Every consumable component is replaced, and the entire system is cleaned, ensuring that your tissue paper comes from a press that's as good as new. This commitment to quality means every sheet is a flawless canvas for your designs.

Precision in Every Hue:

Through our expert setup, we achieve a harmony of colors that brings your designs to life with stunning accuracy. While we strive for perfection, we cherish the unique character of each piece, providing a vibrant yet faithful rendition of your artistic vision.

Dedicated Quality Control at Every Step:

By opting for a more deliberate printing pace, we not only enhance the fidelity of our prints but also take the time to meticulously review each sheet for quality and accuracy. This process ensures that your designs are rendered flawlessly, with every detail captured just as you envisioned.

Uncompromised Detail with Precision Cutting:

Our commitment to excellence extends to the final stage of production, where we ensure that no part of your image is lost in cutting. This precision allows for complete designs to be transferred onto the tissue, ensuring that your artistic integrity is preserved in full.

Embrace the future of decoupage with DigiWrap's enhanced tissue paper—where innovation meets artistry to bring your creations to life with unmatched quality and durability.