Wreck It Ralph Birthday Party Theme Comes to Life with Custom Tissue Paper

When you are planning a birthday party, you might be surprised how easy it can be to pull together a theme to remember. It can be just one small detail that puts the party over the top, making it memorable, magical, and fun for your child. And if that detail is tissue paper, you don’t have to be c...

8 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper

We created Digiwrap for people who understand and agree on one thing: It’s all in the presentation. We create custom tissue paper for people who have a vision. People who are particular. People who know what they want. We add the finishing touches to your product, gift, or event. We are “that some...

Nothing Says Personal Like Your Face! Simple Custom Holiday Gift Wrap
Any gift can be personalized when you put your face on it! Or the recipient’s! Or both! With Digiwrap custom gift wrapping, you can order as little as one sheet of custom printed tissue paper or a custom gift bag, so each gift can be unique. Check out some of our customizable gift wrap designs