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How to Create Envelope Liners

It’s often the little touches that make things special. When it comes to invitations, holiday cards, and thank you notes, a plain envelop does the job, but an envelop lining makes it that much more special. Follow these simple instructions to dress up a birthday party invitation, a wedding invitation, or even just a note to a friend by creating a lined envelop.

1. You will need:

  • Patterned custom tissue paper that matches your theme
  • Plain envelopes
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

envelope liner

2 (a). Create a cutting template. Open the flap of an envelop. Cut the glue strip, and trim around 1/8″ off of the remaining 3 sides. This will be your tracing template for the size of the linings.

create envelope liners

3 (b). Trace and cut tissue paper using your template. Position the template on the tissue paper, trace, and cut.

3 (c). Place and secure the lining. Slide the liner into the envelop. Secure the top edge of the liner with a strip of double-sided tape.

create envelope liners

Voila! Your envelops are now fancy and will help set the tone for the exciting note or invitation inside!

Do you have a pattern you’ve designed you’d like to use for your envelop liners? Print your custom designed tissue paper today. If you like the pattern shown, you can download it here.

Pin this photo to remind yourself how to create envelop liners for your next event.


Wedding Favor Idea: Wrap it with Custom Tissue Paper

You want your big day to be everyone’s favorite wedding. You want people to be in awe that you thought of every detail. Use custom tissue paper with your wedding date and names to wrap the favor so they can take home a reminder that you thought of everything. This way you can wrap up anything—candy, almonds, a sampling of items from where you live—and it still has a special, personal touch your guests will appreciate.

Design ideas for wedding custom tissue paper:

1. Name Design. Use your wedding colors and create a design with your names and the date. We even put together a Wedding Fleur design (pictured above) that allows you to simply insert your name, wedding date, and even customize your own colors!

Wedding TIssue Paper

2. Photo Album. The four color process on Digiwrap custom tissue paper is beautiful. Use your favorite photo. Or better yet, select several photos from throughout your relationship and create a repeat pattern design. We also have a “Quick Order” design that you can just upload a photo into and go!

3. Customized Colors. Wedding colors are important, and you want tissue paper that matches your vision exactly. (Just ask Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias—Sally Field, playing her mother, called her colors “pink and pink”, but Julia Roberts’s character knew just what shades she wanted—”blush” and “bashful”.) Order custom tissue paper if you are looking for the perfect shade you can’t find anywhere “off the rack!” In our Plain Tissue Paper selection, we offer almost 100 different shades (including 10 different shades of pink tissue paper alone!)

Ready to print your custom tissue paper to create the perfect wedding favor? Order yours today.