Blog posts of '2015' 'February'

A Compliment Worth Sharing

We are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers — when someone takes the time to send us a nice message, it affirms and validates our belief in our product. Plus, who doesn’t like to get a nice compliment?

We recently received this message from a happy customer:

“We received our first order from your company and it looked just as promised. Our end user was so excited to find a product that complimented her new product line. We look forward to placing several more orders as we grow our little concept into a full-time gig. Thank you so much!”

We believe in our product and in its usefulness to small businesses and start-ups. Because you can customize our tissue paper and order it in small or large quantities, it is ideal for anyone who wants to improve and personalize their packaging. You can upload a custom design, or you can simply upload your logo and we can print it in a repeat pattern — it’s a valuable branding tool. Our custom tissue paper is unique, and often is just the thing a small business is looking for!

Make your custom tissue paper order today!

Urgent Valentines Message from Digiwrap: Don’t Be Bill!

Meet Bill. Bill is a swipe-right, handsome guy. His girlfriend (newly Facebook-official!) finds him to be sweet, caring, and sensitive. They are still in the beautiful, semi-awkward phase of a young relationship, where every text, conversation, and date is fully dissected for meaning for days afterward by his new girlfriend and her roommate. His apartment is kind of messy, but she’s willing to overlook that for now. Her every thought about this handsome gent makes her giddy. She can’t wait until Valentine’s Day — she still doesn’t know much about him, but she feels this will be the make-it-or-break-it holiday that determines their future.

Bill spent hours finding the perfect gift. Then, he made the ultimate mistake. He wrapped it “the Bill way.” Blah. His girlfriend is now second guessing everything. How into the relationship is he, really? Does his messy apartment actually bother me more than I thought? Is he the guy for me?


This Valentines Day, don’t be Bill. Visit for helpful hints—we’ve got the key to wrapping using a gift bag and tissue paper, or if you want to go the extra mile we’ve got instructions for making a tissue paper flower.

*This public service announcement brought to you by Digiwrap and girlfriends everywhere. The wrapping in these photos is real (as well as Bill’s belief that his method is acceptable), but every other part of the story is fiction and any resemblance to real life is coincidental.

For all of your tissue paper needs,  visit our store.Order tissue paper in any color imaginable, or upload your own custom art for an extremely personalized gift wrap.