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Featured Customer: Get BossBox for a New Tie Every Month

Our custom tissue paper customers know about the importance of packaging and presentation — and BossBox is a standout. As a dapper tie-of-the-month club, BossBox is all about presentation. Do you wear a tie every day? (Or does your Dad or husband? Father’s Day is coming up!) BossBox helps you to change it up, while sticking to your personal style. And they do it with great ease—just tell them what you usually like, and one tie every month is hand-selected and delivered to your door. If you love it, keep it, and if you don’t, send it back for free.

We use our Digiwrap custom tissue paper to add a nice touch to all of our packaging! - Mike Brody of BossBox

And what we at Digiwrap enjoy most about is the stellar packaging. Their sleek box might make your heart beat a little faster each month when it’s delivered to your door. And inside, besides the awesome designer ties, they’ve made it even more special with a cool BossBox tie wrap and—our favorite element—the custom printed tissue paper with just their logo. Simple and effective, which is perfect for such a simple and effective product.

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Over 90 Solid Colored Tissue Papers Available at Digiwrap!

If we asked you to name as many colors as you could, we are guessing you’d top out at around 25 (if you are good)! That is why we are especially proud of our solid-colored tissue paper selection at Digiwrap. We offer more than 90 different shades of solid colored tissue paper, from Raspberry Fizz to Zippy Grape to Burnt Sienna. The names of colors alone are worth browsing!

We know when it comes to tissue paper, you often have something specific in mind. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or you are packaging items for your small business, the color matters. We want to help you realize your wedding favor vision, or match your brand colors, or coordinate with your product or store.

That’s why we offer 10 different shades of pink (although none are named “blush” or “bashful”, we’re sure you can find the one that matches your signature color), 13 blues, 10 purples, and a whopping 16 greens. Check out the tissue paper color options now!

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