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Father’s Day Custom Tissue Paper Makes Any Gift Special

Father’s Day is coming up, and you know exactly what he wants—because it’s the same every year. A new tie. A golf outing. A watch. A gift card to his favorite store. But you are tired of giving the same old thing, and you want him to feel special. He’s a fun dad! He works hard, and plays hard also.

You can stop doing your “Best Father’s Day Gift” searches, looking for inspiration. You can get him exactly what he wants and has asked for, and get creative instead with the wrapping. Let the wrapping do the “special” job. We’ve put together easy, upload your own photo custom tissue paper for Father’s Day.

Check out the designs (with sample pictures) below:

FathersDaySample FathersDaySample FathersDaySample

Give the man what he wants, and let the wrapping do the rest!

Order your Father’s Day custom tissue paper, now available on Zazzle! Link to your favorite design below or by clicking the examples above.

Featured Customer: Incredible Photo Packaging from Jen Osojnicki

We love our custom tissue paper customers, since they understand what we do: packaging and presentation are important! Often designers and photographers have a vision for how their product could look, and they need custom packaging to bring their vision to life. We love what photographer Jen Osojnicki did with her photo packaging—a simple, clean look, and the perfect custom tissue paper accent to pull it all together.

Jen Osojnicki

She had some beautiful thoughts on why she worked so hard on her packaging. “It is about trust,” Jen said. “I want my clients to know that I am willing to invest in my company. I want them to know that I value the images, and they deserve to be presented professionally.”

When someone pays so much attention to her product packaging, you know she’s passionate about what she does. “I think my passion is really centered around catching moments,” said Jen. “I am so lucky and honored to be part of a couple’s wedding day. I love capturing the giggles and happy tears throughout the day. These images will be loved for generations to come and that makes me so happy.” Jen Osojnicki is based in North Attleboro, MA. She takes incredible photos! Learn more about photographer Jen Osojnicki!

Do you want your product to look this sharp? Order your custom tissue paper today.

Here are credits for the rest of her packaging:
Brand designer – Postfilm

Bags – HB Photo Packaging
Thumb drive and box – Photo Flash Drive

How To: Personalize a Dollar Store Piñata

Birthday parties have become the new weddings—everyone is going all out in crafty and Pinteresting ways, more than ever before! You may think you don’t have the skills to pull off an impressive, sharable, wow-worthy party for your little ones (or loved ones). But when you use our custom printed tissue paper, you will be amazed at what you can do with just some scissors, tape, and a pre-made dollar store piñata! Fool them all with this simple dollar store piñata upgrade.

1. Gather supplies. You’ll need double-sided tap, scissors, a piñata from the dollar store, and party-themed tissue paper. Match your invitation, or choose some of the guest-of-honor’s favorite things, pictures, or a special, personalized message. Order your custom tissue paper today! (You can also use it for party decor (like a bunting) and tissue paper so your theme will be fully executed!)

Pinata supplies

2. Cut strips. Cut the tissue paper into smaller strips that work with your design.

homemade pinata

3. Create fringe and tape. (a.) Snip the strips vertically along the lower edge of the tissue to create the fringe. (b.) Apply tape along the top back of the tissue strips. (c.) Starting at the bottom corner of the piñata, apply the taped strips. Slightly overlap the rows to cover the original piñata.

home made Pinata

Voila! Your tissue paper upgrade is complete!

Order your custom tissue paper today to use for your piñata, bunting and gift wrap. Your guests and friends won’t believe the detail you put into your party! (And they don’t have to know that all it took was one custom tissue paper order!)