Blog posts of '2015' 'June'

Personalized Wedding Tissue Paper Makes Any Gift Special

When you are planning your wedding, you consider every detail. How can you make your wedding memorable? And the best way is to personalize it—make it all about you as a couple. After all, it is your special day! Every detail, down to the favors should celebrate you. Although it sounds like it will...

Simple Ordering Now Available

We know you want the process of ordering to be easy, so we work hard to keep things intuitive. We have recently simplified the ordering process even further, so you can place your order and get on to the fun part of anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Some Digiwrap customers want a more customized, c...

Venture Further Events Crushes It with Innovative Tissue Paper Lamps

We love to see our clients make creative use of our custom tissue paper—and this one is no exception! We recently worked with Venture Further Events to help them execute tissue paper lanterns that would help to highlight sponsors of the event. Venture Further Events is a super creative event-plann...