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Awesome Wedding Custom Tissue Paper Used for Hotel Favors

We love to see our personalized tissue paper put to good use. One of our favorite uses is for weddings—couples can create a design with their name, wedding date, and a special message and use the tissue paper to make any favor personal and memorable! Recently we had the pleasure of seeing the results from a Downers Grove, Illinois customer who had a super fun New Year’s Eve wedding.

Eric and Katie Stein were married December 31, 2014 at St. Scholastica Church in Woodridge, IL, with a reception following at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook, IL. The wedding sounds awesome, with a balloon drop at midnight to celebrate the New Year. Also, Eric likes cigars, so they also set up a cigar bar with different types of cigars “named” after each of his groomsmen.

They had several guests staying at a nearby hotel, so they thoughtfully put together hotel favor bags with water, Tylenol, and chips, cookies, and nuts. They added a personalized Do Not Disturb sign, and then added total finesse to the gift by using custom tissue paper designed with their name and wedding date. The simple touch took the thoughtful gift to the next level.


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Congratulations, Katie and Eric! Way to kick your marriage off with style!

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How To Make Tissue Paper Cupcake Toppers

Need a unique idea to set your upcoming birthday party or shower apart? Tissue paper cupcake toppers might be just the thing. While the pictures look like they are for crafters only, with the right supplies and a little time, you could pull these off in just a short amount of time! Check out our simple step by step instructions below:


1. Gather supplies: You’ll need:

  • Tissue paper. Choose extra-special personalized custom tissue paper, or tissue paper to match your theme here.
  • A hot glue gun
  • Tooth picks
  • A 2.5″ circle punch
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Buttons, ribbon, or whatever you’d like to use to adorn the center


2. Create the circles:

a. Punch out around 25 tissue paper circles for each topper. For a crisp shape, use a few layers of tissue paper and back them with regular paper.

b. Sew through the center of 25 circles. Tie off both sides to secure the tissue.

c. Cut (8) 1/2″ slits around each circle stack


3. Assemble the toppers:

d. Carefully spin each tissue layer and fluff the flaps.
e. Put a drop of hot glue on the center bottom. Place a toothpick in the glue and pinch the tissue down around the toothpick until it is stable.

f. Add the finishing touches (buttons, ribbon, etc.) and adorn your cupcakes!

Try pulling the whole party together with a custom tissue paper design. Create these cupcake toppers, a bunting wall hanging, a piñata, and wrap gifts with the paper! Check out a Wreck-It Ralph party where the entire theme was built around a custom tissue design.

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