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Make Your Wine Gift Festive with Custom Gift Bags

You are likely attending a lot of family and friend parties this holiday season. Show up with the gift perfect for the host or hostess with the mostest—a bottle of wine or bubbly with a custom gift bag! Digiwrap offers custom wine gift bags on, with over 18,000 designs available!

Why it makes a great gift:

  • Print a fully custom bag with a picture of your host or a personal message, or choose a ready-made design, many of which you can easily personalize with a name and/or photo.
  • Fill it with a bottle of your host’s favorite wine or bubbly.
  • Each costs only around $10, and Zazzle is often running a discount! (Currently, if you use the code 25OFFSITEZAZ you save 25 percent!)
  • The bags are highly rated on Zazzle, with 95% of customers giving 5 out of 5 star reviews. A few of our favorite quotes from customers:

“High quality bag, exceeded expectations. Durable holes, rope is threaded and not plastic, beautiful quality.”

“I was impressed with the quality of the bag. The picture and text are crisp and easy to see. The bag is made of a heavy paper.”

“The colors, printing, photos...everything is sharp and clear and extremely well done!”

Order your custom printed wine gift bag today!