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Wedding Favor Idea: Customized Gift Bags!

When you are planning your wedding, you want everything to match up exactly to your vision. There is no better way to accomplish that than going fully custom! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite uses for custom gift bags created by clever brides and grooms. Say thank you to your guests and wedding party in a big, memorable way by designing your own custom gift bag and tissue paper.

1. Thank You Favor Bag

Add a photo of the bride and groom, and include a message on the back. Fill it with whatever your heart desires—candy, artisan items, items that represent the bride and groom’s favorite places. Then personalize the tissue paper as well for added “wow!” factor.

2. Table Number Favor Bag

<p">Kill two birds with one stone by making the favor bag into a table number. Since Digiwrap custom gift bags are digitally printed, you can order just one of each design. Digiwrap can work with you to make this happen, and your guests will love to keep the bag as part of the gift after.

3. Wedding Party “Thank You”

You want to celebrate your wedding party and how much they mean to you, and what better way to celebrate than with your favorite bubbly or wine? But that can seem impersonal on its own—customize it with an awesome bag to mark the occasion!

4. Wedding Welcome Bag

For guests staying overnight at a hotel, or especially if you are having a destination wedding, offer a welcome bag when they get to their room. Include a welcome message on the bag and a description of what they’ll find inside—whether it’s snacks, some of your favorite things, or—if you’re planning on a wild party—a hangover kit for the day after the wedding.

Ready to customize your big day? Order your custom gift bags and tissue paper today!

5 Creative Ways to Make a Cash Graduation Gift Personal

Graduation is right around the corner, and you are just so proud. You want to celebrate your child or family member or friend’s achievement with a graduation gift, and simply handing over a check doesn’t feel personal enough. However, money is exactly what a grad wants! When the grad opens so many envelopes, the gifts all lose meaning and run together. Make your gift stand out by packaging it in a creative way—and combine one of the below ideas with a personalized gift bag.

Not crafty? No problem! Several of our ideas involve just uploading photos to create a beautiful, fun customized gift bag that will make any cash gift personal! This way your cash gift is both the perfect present, and it goes above and beyond to show how much your grad means to you.

Make your cash gift stand out with one of these below unique ideas, coupled with impressive personalized packaging.

1. Money Wreath

Roll up those dollar bills and make something your grad can hang on the door of their dorm room closet. When they need some spare cash, they’ll know where to look! We found tons of money wreath ideas on Pinterest—this is just one of many how-to’s for this fun idea.

2. Cash Graduation Cap

Celebrate graduation with the perfect replica of the day’s symbol—a cash graduation cap. We love the detailed step by steps in this how-to. Pair it with a bag that says “Go Change the World,” and include piles of quarters in the bag!

3. Look How Far You’ve Come Gift Bag

Find a funny photo of the grad from childhood and upload it for a fun, super-personal gift bag! They will love how personal your gift is!

4. Cash Medal

Every kid loves a medal! This money chain is a super fun way to award a grad for their hard work. Pair it with a gift bag with their photo that says “You’re a real winner!”

5. School Spirit Gift Bag

Is your grad particularly proud of the college they’re headed to? Use the grad’s future school colors on a gift bag, and fill it with gift cards to places near the school.

And of course, choose from any number of customizable gift bags from Digiwrap to make the gift extra personal! Add your grad’s photo, name, and a message of congratulations to send them out into the world!