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What Are You Thankful For? Creative Thanksgiving Memory-Making Game Ideas

Many people love to take Thanksgiving to reflect on everything they are thankful for—and we find it to be especially impactful to write those things down and share them with others. We love the idea of physically writing those things on paper and placing them in a gift bag. The act of putting the written idea down on paper makes the thought concrete. And placing it in a gift bag gives you a sense of the gift that the written thing is. Plus, the gift bag can be saved with the memories and put out as decor every November.

Without further ado, here is our simple Thanksgiving memory-making idea!

Memory embracing version:

1. Have paper or index cards and pens available on the table as the meal is being prepared. Have friends and family members who are at your celebration write down what they are thankful for this year. If you are feeling crafty, offer stickers, colored pencils, and other items so that if they want to, they can make their idea beautiful. (This could also be a fun activity for children who might be at your party—have them decorate the cards or paper ahead of time, leaving space for guests’ answers.)

2. Have guests place their idea into their custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag. (At the end of the celebration, this bag can be saved and put out as a Thanksgiving decoration in the years that follow!)

3. Have each person at the table reach in and read one card out loud during the dinner. Or, have the host read each. As an additional fun spin, you can have everyone try to guess who wrote it after it is read.

4. Don’t forget to gather them all and save the Thanksgiving bag for future years!

Fun and funny version:

1. Have two different colors of paper on the table. On the first color, have your guests write what they are thankful for. On the second color, have them finish the thought with a “because” statement. So, for example, on yellow someone writes “I am thankful for my dog…” and on blue, they write, “…because he is fuzzy, warm, cuddly, and greets me at the door with love whenever I get home.”

2. Collect both colors of paper from all guests in your custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag.

3. During dinner, have each person randomly pull one paper of each color. Have them read the paper as a complete thought and watch the hilarity of the mixed up cards ensue!

4. After the meal, tape the paper together to save them either as the funny version, or piece back together the originals for a sentimental, lasting memory.

At Digiwrap, we are thankful for our customers, who are creative, thoughtful, gift-giving people. After all, it takes a lot of thoughtfulness to plan a gift down to the perfect custom-made, personalized packaging. So as Thanksgiving approaches, we are giving thanks for giving, and especially for all of the people who give in such a beautiful way.

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