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Proudly Made in the USA!

When you purchase a product online, it can sometimes be hard to track where it is coming from. For some people, this matters because you want products that are produced with ethical labor practices. For some, it matters because of sustainability. And for some it matters for patriotic reasons—you love the USA! Whatever your reasons for wanting that “Made in the USA” label, you get it with Digiwrap.

Check out the interactive map about our production location, as well as where we source materials!


Digiwrap is proud to be made in the USA. We are proud to have real people here, ready to help you with your order and to be sure you are happy with the products you purchase. We want you to be able to order care-free—knowing you will get the help you need, and products that are created ethically, sustainably, and with excellent quality!

Interested in ordering custom printed tissue paper or gift bags? Visit our store to get started!

Cover photo by Alondra Olivas on Unsplash