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Maker Demo: Thoughtful Packaging Adds Valuable Connection with Customer

Joel Cherrico of Cherrico Pottery has a passion for his product. This becomes immediately clear from his website and social feed. Just a glance through all the photos of mugs, jars, and vases and you can see—the gorgeous pottery tells its own story of beauty. But the story doesn’t end there.

Recently Joel posted a live video of a late-night packaging session in his office. In just the 15-minute process of walking his fans through getting two mugs out to ship, his passion for his work becomes clear. You can see he’s taken great care of how the customer will receive his work. The details he’s added to what goes into each box add up to what we’d call a big hug from him to his customers.

“Most people who buy this pottery want to connect with the artist somehow, so just a simple note on every one…I know it seems like it takes a long time, but if they’re going to take the time to support your work and buy it, this seems like an easy thing to do,” says Joel.

Cherrico Pottery

His packaging includes information about his Guinness Record for "Most pots thrown in one hour by an individual,” biodegradable peanuts and a clear explanation for why he uses them, a handwritten and individually addressed message if he has time to include it, a box with his logo hand-painted, and our favorite piece—a sheet of custom printed tissue paper to enhance the theme of his design.

The custom printed tissue paper is our favorite (of course, because it’s our product!). But also because, with all of the other elements, he could just wrap his product with a sheet of plain white paper and call it a day. Instead, though, he knows that the story is in the details. And we love that a piece of tissue paper will help to show his customers how much he cares about his art.

Learn more about Joel and Cherrico Pottery.

Featured Customer: When Art and Adventure Collides, Think Badass Backpacks

We are obsessed with one of our latest custom tissue paper customers: Badass Backpacks! Their company embodies the perfect combination of art, thoughtful design, and passion for their work. And one of our favorite things—they have a crystal clear vision for how their product should look when it gets into the hands of their customers. They have decided custom tissue paper is an important step in the completed product. We spoke with Adam Lemmon, owner, about his fascinating company, his inspiration, and his life outside of badass backpacks!

BadAss Backpacks

Why did you decide to start Badass Backpacks?

I had this one backpack (it was an Italian made Invicta backpack) that I used all over the world. That backpack was bright, loud, and beautiful, and people would come up to me all the time to ask me about my bag. I met some of the coolest people in my life via conversations started about my backpack. So that got me started on the whole thing. I decided that I wanted to create beautiful backpacks that are designed to start conversations.

Why are you passionate about art? And why backpacks?

I love this question. For Badass Backpacks, I think about both art and backpacks at the same time.  It’s actually where our logo comes from. Our logo tiles are the same size.


Sometimes it looks like one is bigger than the other. But that’s just an optical illusion. Switch them to the other side, and now the other one appears to be bigger. And so it goes with Badass Backpacks— we need both happening at the same time.

My passion for art was initially inspired by my first art teacher, Cheryl Hicks. In her classes we learned to level up our capacity to create, by learning how to observe, listen, and see. Intoxicated by the possibilities of art, I was hooked.

As for backpacks, the short answer is that I’ve always loved backpacks because they are beautiful and mysterious. They make me smile. And that’s probably enough. Longer answer: I am obsessed with backpacks because they are never complete on their own; what’s inside a backpack is always changing. An accessory that’s a companion, waiting for you to put yourself inside and to go an adventure. Maybe it’s a small journey. Maybe it’s an epic journey. But a backpack is the perfect vessel to you help you carry your things. When you want to know about the journey that a traveler is on, you can ask them what’s in their backpack, and you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know.  Sometimes we share openly what we are carrying in our backpacks. Sometimes we don’t dare share what we are carrying with us. I love looking down a crowded sidewalk and seeing lots of people walking with their backpacks. It’s mysterious. What journey are they on? What have they chosen to put in their bags?

BadAss Backpacks

How do you decide which art and themes to feature?

Rusty Kocian, co-founder of Badass Backpacks, leads our creative process for exploring art, artists, and project themes. At the beginning, we overwhelmed ourselves with beautiful lists of possibilities— the number of themes to explore became endless. To help us focus and right size our signal-to-noise ratio, Rusty created a process that we use at our weekly creative sessions. That process facilitates conversations and discovery centered on 6 things: Art, Theme, Story, Gift, Tribe, and Movement. We want these 6 things to go into the design and creation of the bag, and we want the bag that we create to generate these 6 things.

BadAss Backpacks

Why is presentation in your packaging important?

Packaging gives our bags an extra touch, and we absolutely consider it to be important. Many people who buy our bags are buying them as a gift, and so when it arrives, we want the person opening it to feel special. We also want them to pause, even if just for a moment. We want our packaging to grab their attention. “Wait!”, the packaging screams—this might be important. We want the experience of owning and using a Badass Backpack to give the wearer some comfort in asking big questions—big questions about the world, and big questions about their own journey. Intentional and beautiful packaging is the start of that journey, and in such a fast-paced world that we live in, we want our packaging to slow down the person opening it.

BadAss Backpacks

Do you have a success tip for other new business startups or makers?

Yes. The following advice is derived from a Seth Godin open Q&A session that I attended years ago.  It’s advice that helped me greatly: Go buy a notebook, or grab some scratch paper, and go to a cafe (best if it’s a cafe you don’t normally go to), and sit down with a blank page, and write down what you’re scared of. Ask yourself sincerely, and explore closely: “What am I scared of?” Now then, if you are a human being, it is very likely that 10 minutes or less into this exercise, you have already gotten distracted and drifted off, the mind procrastinating. When you catch yourself drifting off, come right back to the notes you started, and now ask yourself this question again. What am I really scared of, right now? But…answer for real this time. Spend time coming to understand the challenges, the unknowns, and the hardest parts of what you are about to do. Fear. Explore it closely for as much time as you can, and be honest with yourself. When you are done, look at your page. You now have an important list in front of you. What are you going to do about it? (source: Seth Godin)

BadAss Backpacks

About Adam Lemmon:

At rest and at ease Adam is an impassioned modern impresario, weaving together resources and opportunities to put on a show. During his 15-year career in the world of SaaS platforms, he delivered training sessions and strategic consulting dotted with observations, insights, and metaphors that always left his clients wanting more. Improvisational theater, artistic self-expression, and a pension for making anything and everything more interesting all fuel Adam’s need to march to his own drum. As the owner and founder of Badass Backpacks, Adam is striving to connect the dots between creating beauty and creating life-changing experiences for our customers and the world of which we are all a part. You’ll find him at the many cafes that dot the map of Austin, TX, where he lives, loves, works, and plays with his family. Adam and his wife, Nancy Lemmon, are learning and growing with their 3 children, Hudson, Phoenix, and Alejandra.


About Badass Backpacks, LLC:

Badass Backpacks is a collaborative art project dedicated to self expression and creating connection through conversations. We make art-inspired bags that are ready for adventure. Badass Backpacks believes that your backpack can be more than just a backpack.  We believe that it can be expressive and thought provoking. We believe that it can be a companion on your journey; that it can remind you to ask big questions, and it can remind you to put yourself inside each step of the way.

We seek to build bridges—connected experiences and products worthy of starting a conversation—helping our community find more ways to tell their stories. And giving them a bag for that journey. We are based in Austin, TX, and all of our bags are crafted with love, made right here in the USA.

Contact info for Adam Lemmon:, Blog, LinkedIn.

Packaging Tip: We Can Cut Tissue to a Custom Size

At Digiwrap, when we say “custom tissue paper”, we mean “fully custom.” We pride ourselves on working with our customers to improve the presentation of their packaging with tissue paper printed with their custom design or logo. But the design isn’t the only part of the tissue paper that can be customized. We’ll also work with you on the size.

We love to help ease the process of packaging so that your product can be easy to assemble and get out the door. That’s why we offer this packaging tip today: Figure out the best size for your custom tissue paper, and we’ll cut to the size you need for no additional charge! We are able to do these custom sizes for orders in quantities of [X] or more. We can do sizes of 30″ x 20″ or less.

We recently did a custom sized sheet for BossBox, a cool tie-of-the-month club. They wanted a tissue paper to fit in their mailing box that showed off the BossBox logo and fit perfectly and seamlessly within their box. We cut the sheets to the perfect dimension and voila! No folding or cutting required when they receive their order!

If you’d like to order tissue paper at a custom size or find out how we can work with you on your order, simply contact us with your request and we’ll get you started!

Featured Customer: Incredible Photo Packaging from Jen Osojnicki

We love our custom tissue paper customers, since they understand what we do: packaging and presentation are important! Often designers and photographers have a vision for how their product could look, and they need custom packaging to bring their vision to life. We love what photographer Jen Osojnicki did with her photo packaging—a simple, clean look, and the perfect custom tissue paper accent to pull it all together.

Jen Osojnicki

She had some beautiful thoughts on why she worked so hard on her packaging. “It is about trust,” Jen said. “I want my clients to know that I am willing to invest in my company. I want them to know that I value the images, and they deserve to be presented professionally.”

When someone pays so much attention to her product packaging, you know she’s passionate about what she does. “I think my passion is really centered around catching moments,” said Jen. “I am so lucky and honored to be part of a couple’s wedding day. I love capturing the giggles and happy tears throughout the day. These images will be loved for generations to come and that makes me so happy.” Jen Osojnicki is based in North Attleboro, MA. She takes incredible photos! Learn more about photographer Jen Osojnicki!

Do you want your product to look this sharp? Order your custom tissue paper today.

Here are credits for the rest of her packaging:
Brand designer – Postfilm

Bags – HB Photo Packaging
Thumb drive and box – Photo Flash Drive

Custom Tissue Paper Shop Spotlight: WhimsyGarden

Our custom tissue paper is loved by crafters and small business shops. It's a simple way to add that special something that will put your product in its best light as the product leaves the nice shop arrangements you've set up and heads toward your customers' homes. Our tissue paper adds a professional feel and reminds customers where they made their purchase. And as an added touch, it gives the purchase a sense of occasion, so your customers feel that by shopping with you, they are buying a little gift for themselves.

We are proud to have provided the custom tissue paper for an artisan boutique called WhimsyGarden. "WhimsyGarden creates one-of-a-kind stuff to put your stuff in (coin purses, clutch bags, cross-body bags, fabric baskets); fur baby accessories (collar neckties, collar blooms, leashes, collars); human baby accessories (snack bags, wet bags, burpcloths); and other adorable items (camera straps, notepad covers, key fobs, lanyards, whatever I think would be cute)," says Danielle Murray, the owner of the shop.


We love the shop so much, as well as the level of detail work that goes into the handmade products. Danielle is passionate about her work, and it shows in the finished product. She considers every detail, and she stands behind the quality of the finished product. Plus—the best part—it's inventive. Her creativity shows in every piece. You know it's good design when even a burp cloth is something to "ooo" and "ahh" over. We decided to sit down with shop owner Danielle Murray to talk about her work.

Why are you passionate about your shop?

I love making things that are not only unique and super cute, but items that people can actually use every day. I'm also a fabric fanatic…certain prints excite me. I also am obsessed with creating a quality, hand-made product.


What inspired you when you are designing something new?

I adore mixing textures and patterns. I collect so many different textures (metal, fiber, wood, paper, wire), and I'm a fabric hoarder. There are BILLIONS of amazing prints and textures out there to combine! I get really excited when I find a fabric that speaks to me. I start thinking of what additional textures compliment a fabric.

Why is presentation in your packaging important?

If people are buying a handmade item, the little touches are so important—from the color selection of the shopping bag to the material of that bag to the tissue inside. No detail is too small to overlook. I want to visually communicate that my item is special and that I'm handing it over to the buyer in a special way. And it's all branding, baby! Branding your business is super important. People totally remember the little things that make your shop stand apart from others.


Do you have a success tip for other shop owners?

Enjoy the process. If you love the journey of making (shopping, sketching, revising, failing, etc), you will end up with a meaningful creative experience and end product.

What do you do for fun?

Hang out in the sprawling metropolis of Gilberts with hubby Chris and pug fur-baby Contessa Marie Antoinette (Tessa). I also have an affinity for awfully wonderful B-movies...from the Leprechaun franchise to all the Bruce Campbell vehicles to pretty much any haunted house film in existence.

Tissue In Basket

We are proud to celebrate the passion behind such amazing handmade products. Do you own a custom or handmade boutique shop? If so, order your custom printed tissue paper today!