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7 Tissue Paper Flower DIYs for Spring and Easter!

Digiwrap is based in the Midwest, so we get to experience all the extremes of the seasons. As Spring approaches, we can start to look forward to winter thawing, buds and green returning to the trees, and flowers blooming. We can almost hear the birds chirping already! And as lovers of everything c...

Solid Colored Tissue Paper Price Change: More for Less!

At Digiwrap, we pride ourselves on our high quality and amazing selection of solid-colored tissue paper. We also always strive to deliver a great value to our customers. So we are happy to announce a price change to our solid-colored tissue paper that is in the customers’ favor. Now you can get mo...

Over 90 Solid Colored Tissue Papers Available at Digiwrap!

If we asked you to name as many colors as you could, we are guessing you’d top out at around 25 (if you are good)! That is why we are especially proud of our solid-colored tissue paper selection at Digiwrap. We offer more than 90 different shades of solid colored tissue paper, from Raspberry Fizz ...