Proudly Made in the USA!

11 Jun 2019, Posted by Mollie Ottenhoff in Products

When you purchase a product online, it can sometimes be hard to track where it is coming from. For some people, this matters because you want products that are produced with ethical labor practices. For some, it matters because of sustainability. And for some it…

5 Creative Ways to Make a Cash Graduation Gift Personal

10 May 2019, Posted by Mollie Ottenhoff in Ideas, Products

Graduation is right around the corner, and you are just so proud. You want to celebrate your child or family member or friend’s achievement with a graduation gift, and simply handing over a check doesn’t feel personal enough. However, money is exactly what a grad…

How to Elevate Flowers for Mother’s Day to a New Level

04 May 2018, Posted by Mollie Ottenhoff in Ideas, Products

When people purchase a custom gift bag, it’s often treasured by the recipient.  Where most gift bags are used and tossed, a personalized gift bag becomes a keepsake.  It’s part of the gift. (Sometimes the best, most personal part!) We are innovating products every day,…