Color Tissue Paper Pricing

Our digital printing process can be utilized on a few different types of tissue substrates (18 Lbs white, 10 Lbs white, and 10 Lbs colored).  Each type comes with some different advantages and price points.  Review the below to help decide what’s the best fit for you:

Utilizing our usual 10# printing process, we also have the ability to print on in over 75 different colors of tissue.  These are the same colors we offer as plain (non-printed) tissue paper and can be found here for review.

Advantages: By starting with a colored base tissue, you can utilize more vibrant colors than what can be achieved via our 4-color print process.  With the usage of white Ink, we can offer the perfect combination of the vibrancy of our colored tissue paper and the versatility of our digital process.

You can find white tissue paper here.

Quantity – Digital Tissue Pricing (each) – 10# Color


Quantity – Digital Tissue Pricing (each) – 10# Color with white ink.



Why white ink?

To aid in printing digitally on colored tissue paper (especially dark colors)

Why is this necessary?

Our 4-color digital printing process uses “transparent” inks. This is how we generate the wide range of colors in the vivid high quality images that we print. This process is predicated on having an opaque white base substrate to allow the colors to be seen as intended.

When a non-white substrate is substituted, vibrancy is lost and colors begin to look “faded”. Putting white ink underneath the normal 4-color process adds the necessary opacity for the transparent inks to return to their vivid state.