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Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Digitally printed tissue paper allows you to customize it completely to your needs. Simply select the desired option, size, color and quantity.

Our digital printing process can be utilized on a few different types of tissue substrates (18lb white, 10lb white and 10lb color). Each type comes with different benefits or advantages and varying price points. We've outlined the differences to help you select the tissue paper that best fits your current needs.

We have four different sizes:

  • 10"x15"
  • 15"x20"
  • 17"x23"
  • 20"x30" (18# white tissue paper available only).

By starting with a colored base tissue, you can utilize more vibrant colors than what can be achieved via our 4-color print process. With the usage of white ink, we can offer the perfect combination of the vibrancy of our colored tissue paper and the versatility of our digital process.

What’s special about our Tissue Paper?

  • There are no quantity minimums
  • Our tissue paper is made from 100% recycled paper
  • There are eighty-four (84) vibrant colors of tissue paper to choose from
  • We print in 4-color + an opaque white ink base on colored tissue paper
  • Delivery is fast

10x15 Step & Repeat Logo

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10x15 Your Pre-made Designs

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15x20 Step & Repeat Logo

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15x20 Your Pre-made Designs

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17x23 Step & Repeat Logo

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17x23 Your Pre-made Designs

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20x30 Step & Repeat Logo

From $1.07

20x30 Your Pre-made Designs

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