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Simple Ordering Now Available

10 Jun 2015, Posted by Mollie Ottenhoff in Products

We know you want the process of ordering to be easy, so we work hard to keep things intuitive. We have recently simplified the ordering process even further, so you can place your order and get on to the fun part of anxiously awaiting its arrival….

A Compliment Worth Sharing

18 Feb 2015, Posted by Mollie Ottenhoff in Our Customers Say...

We are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers—when someone takes the time to send us a nice message, it affirms and validates our belief in our product. Plus, who doesn’t like to get a nice compliment? We recently received this message from a…

8 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper

04 Sep 2014, Posted by Mollie Ottenhoff in Ideas

We created Digiwrap for people who understand and agree on one thing: It’s all in the presentation. We create custom tissue paper for people who have a vision. People who are particular. People who know what they want. We add the finishing touches to your…