White Tissue Paper Pricing

Our digital printing process can be utilized on a few different types of tissue substrates (18 Lbs white, 10 Lbs white, and 10 Lbs colored).  Each type comes with some different advantages and price points.  Review the below to help decide what’s the best fit for you:

All of our digital prints are done on two types of white tissue paper. With our digital based process, you can select any color to be your background and we will simply tint your tissue paper to that color. This allows you the ability to have any color scheme you desire, all at no extra cost.

You can find color tissue paper here.

10# White Tissue Paper

Our 10# tissue is what most people would recognize as regular retail or gift grade tissue wrap.

Advantages: It is soft to the touch and has a very elegant translucent look. It allows for a higher quality of print and better color matching capabilities.

Quantity – Digital Tissue Pricing (each) – 10# White


18# White Tissue Paper

While only available in white, our 18# is a cross between standard tissue paper and a very thin wrapping paper. It is thicker and more durable, while still maintaining a bit of the porous look and feel that makes tissue paper what it is.

Advantages: It is the only tissue type offered in the 20″ x 30″ sheet size and does not require a bi-fold at any size option.

Quantity – Digital Tissue Pricing (each) – 18# White