Tissue Paper Idea: Decorate a Blown-Out Egg

We love when our customers send us their interesting, out-of-the-“bag” ideas for how to use our products. And with customizable Tissue Paper and Gift Bags as our products, we encounter a lot of creative customers.

Last week we were wow-ed by Digiwrap customer Sonia, who took Easter egg decorating to a whole new level. She created an egg with a delicate flower design using our custom printed tissue paper.

First she blew out some eggs.

She cut the tissue paper and glued. You can use Mod Podge and a paintbrush, or even just Elmers glue would work fine!

She completed the gift by using a custom-printed gift bag—and the results were an incredible Easter-basket filler and gorgeous keepsake.

Interested in printing your own tissue paper or gift bag for your next project? Order some today

Create Fully Custom Tissue Paper Gift Wrap for the Ultimate Personal Gift

When a party approaches, you want to make an impression with your gift. And with fully custom tissue paper, you could give even the most impersonal present and make it completely special. Here are a few reasons why creating fully custom gift wrap just makes sense:

Custom Tissue

1. Order in any quantity. You can order as few as 2 sheets of tissue paper, and up to 1,000. So if you are giving a single gift for a birthday or wedding, order a small quantity and the guests of honor won’t believe you went to such an effort. And if you are ordering for a large party, wedding favors, a shower, or corporate gathering, you can personalize the tissue paper to the event to make the fit extra special.

2. Add any photo or text. Upload a picture, message, names, a date, or any text you want. Choose from numerous fonts or background colors. Make the image small, or cover the whole tissue paper.

3. Simple tools. You don’t have to be a graphic artist to create your tissue paper design. Just use our simple tools, and the site will even let you know if there are errors with your uploads. See a preview of your design as you work.

4. Low cost! For 10 lb tissue paper, the cost starts at less than $3 a sheet. Greater quantities bring the cost down even further.

5. Highly rated. The tissue paper, sold on Zazzle and printed by Digiwrap, has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Zazzle, with 74 reviews! People love the quality, ease of use, and final product. You don’t have to take our word for it—the fully custom tissue paper is top notch!


Design and order yours today.

Photo Credit: wombatarama Flickr via Compfight cc

Fully Custom Gift Bag Design Is a Snap, and Costs Under $10

When you are giving a gift, there is no better way to make it special than in the presentation. And our fully custom gift bag does not disappoint. And the best news — it’s easy to do, and the gift bags cost $10 or less. Add text, add photos, and make a gift bag that is only for your recipient. Easily design and order on Zazzle, where the fully custom gift bags get 4.9 out of 5 stars with 101 reviews.

Check out some of the simple things you can do — and even a non-designer can figure it out!

Custom Gift Bag Custom Gift Bag
Custom Gift Bag

Custom Gift Bag

Custom Gift BagCustom Gift BagCustom Gift BagCustom Gift Bag

You can also edit the front and the back, so the gift bag looks great from any angle.

Order yours today!

10 Genius Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

When you discover Digiwrap’s selection of custom gift bags (available on Zazzle)custom tissue paper, and over 75 colors of solid tissue paper, you are sure to become a gift wrap fanatic. Before your house becomes overrun with awesome gift wrap options, check out the gift wrap storage and organization ideas from organization expert bloggers below!

Click any picture to see more ideas and explanations from these order geniuses.

Scrapbook Organizer

Idea from: A Bowl Full of Lemons


Art Box

Idea from: I Heart Organizing

Art Box

Basket with Magazine Holder Dividers

Idea from: I Heart Organizing


Closet Storage Drawer

Idea from: Graceful Order

Closet Storage Drawer

Over the Door Hanger

Idea from: Steve and Kelly Plus Two


Tension Rod and Shower Hooks

Idea from: Organize and Decorate Everything


Office Clips

Idea from: Chez Larsson


3 Drawer Organizer

Random Recycling


Peg Boards/h2>

Idea from: Today’s Creative Life


Tall Shelf Dividers

Idea from: Live Simply by Annie


Now that you’re organized, are you ready for more custom tissue paper, custom gift bags, or solid colored tissue paper?

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6 DIY Valentines Decorations Made with Tissue Paper!

Love is in the air, and you want to celebrate it! Maybe you’ve taken down your holiday decorations and you feel like something is missing. Or maybe you just love to celebrate hearts, love, and romance. With Valentines Day approaching, we scoured the web to find the best DIY decorations that you can craft using tissue paper. And we found some pretty incredible creations!

Check out 6 DIY Valentines decorations you can make using tissue paper!

Tissue Paper Heart

tissue heart

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

tissue heart

Valentines Bunting


Cherry Blossom Flowers

cherry blossom flowers

Tissue Garland


Tissue Heart Banner


At Digiwrap, we have great pricing on solid colored tissue paper, and tons of colors to choose from! Check them out.

We also can print custom designed tissue paper (like in the Valentines Bunting above) if you have a special design in mind! Check out some possible designs below, or create your own!

If you like these Valentine designs, feel free to download and have us print you some!
Download My Little Valentine Art File (8.6 MB)
Download Pink Hearts Art File (3.5 MB)
Download I Love You Art File (3.3 MB)
Download Multicolored Hearts Art File (4.3 MB)
Download Love Art File (3.2 MB)

10 Ways Tissue Paper Can Rock Your Wedding!

When planning a wedding, odds are you would be totally happy to both save money and be super creative and memorable. We’ve got the ingredient and ideas to make that happen. Key ingredient: Tissue Paper. Ideas? See below!

The ideas below link to easy tutorials. Check them out and begin your journey to your tissue paper inspired wedding!

1. Lighted Paper Lanterns

Featured On: Matsutake

Lighted Lanterns

2. Wreath

Featured On: A Blissful Nest


3. Envelope Liners

Featured On: Digiwrap

Envelope Liners

4. Bridesmaid Bouquets

Featured On: Made in Pretoria


5. Wall Backdrop

Featured On: Grey Likes Weddings


6. Tissue Paper Center Piece

Featured On: Love Laughter and Decor


7. Guest Hotel Favors

Featured On: Digiwrap


8. Favor Box Flowers

Featured On: Digiwrap

tissue paper flower

9. Favors

Featured On: Brides Magazine


10. Photo Booth Background

Featured On: Margot Madison Creative


Digiwrap offers fully custom tissue paper, customizable wedding templates where you can add your names and wedding date, and every possible color of solid-colored tissue paper. So we can help you make your vision come true with one simple order! Order yours today.

How To Make Tissue Paper Cupcake Toppers

Need a unique idea to set your upcoming birthday party or shower apart? Tissue paper cupcake toppers might be just the thing. While the pictures look like they are for crafters only, with the right supplies and a little time, you could pull these off in just a short amount of time! Check out our simple step by step instructions below:


1. Gather supplies: You’ll need:

  • Tissue paper. Choose extra-special personalized custom tissue paper, or tissue paper to match your theme here.
  • A hot glue gun
  • Tooth picks
  • A 2.5″ circle punch
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Buttons, ribbon, or whatever you’d like to use to adorn the center


2. Create the circles:

a. Punch out around 25 tissue paper circles for each topper. For a crisp shape, use a few layers of tissue paper and back them with regular paper.

b. Sew through the center of 25 circles. Tie off both sides to secure the tissue.

c. Cut (8) 1/2″ slits around each circle stack


3. Assemble the toppers:

d. Carefully spin each tissue layer and fluff the flaps.
e. Put a drop of hot glue on the center bottom. Place a toothpick in the glue and pinch the tissue down around the toothpick until it is stable.

f. Add the finishing touches (buttons, ribbon, etc.) and adorn your cupcakes!

Try pulling the whole party together with a custom tissue paper design. Create these cupcake toppers, a bunting wall hanging, a piñata, and wrap gifts with the paper! Check out a Wreck-It Ralph party where the entire theme was built around a custom tissue design.

Order your party or shower’s custom tissue paper today!

How To: Personalize a Dollar Store Piñata

Birthday parties have become the new weddings—everyone is going all out in crafty and Pinteresting ways, more than ever before! You may think you don’t have the skills to pull off an impressive, sharable, wow-worthy party for your little ones (or loved ones). But when you use our custom printed tissue paper, you will be amazed at what you can do with just some scissors, tape, and a pre-made dollar store piñata! Fool them all with this simple dollar store piñata upgrade.

1. Gather supplies. You’ll need double-sided tap, scissors, a piñata from the dollar store, and party-themed tissue paper. Match your invitation, or choose some of the guest-of-honor’s favorite things, pictures, or a special, personalized message. Order your custom tissue paper today! (You can also use it for party decor (like a bunting) and tissue paper so your theme will be fully executed!)

Pinata supplies

2. Cut strips. Cut the tissue paper into smaller strips that work with your design.

homemade pinata

3. Create fringe and tape. (a.) Snip the strips vertically along the lower edge of the tissue to create the fringe. (b.) Apply tape along the top back of the tissue strips. (c.) Starting at the bottom corner of the piñata, apply the taped strips. Slightly overlap the rows to cover the original piñata.

home made Pinata

Voila! Your tissue paper upgrade is complete!

Order your custom tissue paper today to use for your piñata, bunting and gift wrap. Your guests and friends won’t believe the detail you put into your party! (And they don’t have to know that all it took was one custom tissue paper order!)

How to Create Tissue Paper Flowers

Spring has sprung, and soon we should start to see flowers popping up everywhere! So we’ve decided to give instructions on how to make tissue paper flowers — it is the kind of project that looks incredibly fancy and like it must take tons of time, but that you will be able to pull off effortlessly! Use your tissue paper flowers to top favor boxes, gifts, or to compliment your next party’s decor.

1. Gather supplies. You will need: Scissors, wire, tule, and tissue paper. If you are placing these on favor boxes, you will also need a hot glue gun. (Order custom tissue paper for the perfect compliment to your party theme. If you are creating these for a wedding or shower, consider our customizable wedding fleur design, which allows the couple’s name, date, and colors of your choice to match the wedding.

tissue paper flower

2. Trim and fold!

a. Cut the tissue paper and tule into 6″ squares. Layer them together.

b. Accordian fold the layered paper and tule.

c. Wrap wire around the center.

d. Trim to round the edges.

tissue paper flower

3. Fan out the flower. Fan out the accordion fold and carefully peel the layers apart, starting at the edge of the top layer. If this is for a favor box, add goodies, embellish the outside of the box, and hot glue the flower on top!

wedding favor

Get your project started today by ordering your tissue paper! Digiwrap has over 75 options of solid-colored tissue paper, including multiple shades of every color of the rainbow plus more! Or upload a custom design or try our wedding fleur for the perfect personalized wedding tissue paper.

Urgent Valentines Message from Digiwrap: Don’t Be Bill!

Meet Bill. Bill is a swipe-right, handsome guy. His girlfriend (newly Facebook-official!) finds him to be sweet, caring, and sensitive. They are still in the beautiful, semi-awkward phase of a young relationship, where every text, conversation, and date is fully dissected for meaning for days afterward by his new girlfriend and her roommate. His apartment is kind of messy, but she’s willing to overlook that for now. Her every thought about this handsome gent makes her giddy. She can’t wait until Valentine’s Day — she still doesn’t know much about him, but she feels this will be the make-it-or-break-it holiday that determines their future.

Bill spent hours finding the perfect gift. Then, he made the ultimate mistake. He wrapped it “the Bill way.” Blah. His girlfriend is now second guessing everything. How into the relationship is he, really? Does his messy apartment actually bother me more than I thought? Is he the guy for me?


This Valentines Day, don’t be Bill. Visit for helpful hints—we’ve got the key to wrapping using a gift bag and tissue paper, or if you want to go the extra mile we’ve got instructions for making a tissue paper flower.

*This public service announcement brought to you by Digiwrap and girlfriends everywhere. The wrapping in these photos is real (as well as Bill’s belief that his method is acceptable), but every other part of the story is fiction and any resemblance to real life is coincidental.

For all of your tissue paper needs,  visit our store.Order tissue paper in any color imaginable, or upload your own custom art for an extremely personalized gift wrap.