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Logo Tissue Paper Perfect for Packaging Your Product

Your logo establishes your brand—it tells your story. Whether you are a maker who sells at art and craft shows, a seller on Etsy, or a business with a giveaway at a trade show or with a special product launch, your packaging matters. You can keep your packaging simple with a plain bag or box, and make it memorable and professional with easy-to-make step-and-repeat logo tissue paper.

And this isn’t something you have to reserve for only the big print runs. You can order logo tissue paper in quantities as low as 2 sheets. Check out a few Digiwrap customers who have taken their packaging to the next level with logo tissue paper:

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The 6 Step Process for ordering logo tissue paper:

  1. Choose your paper size.
  2. Make simple selections for Paper Type, Color, and Quantity
  3. Choose your template for the pattern of the logo
  4. Upload your logo.
  5. Review and approve the design.
  6. Add your order to the cart and make your purchase!

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Featured Subscription Box: Unboxing the Bizarre

We love the new wave in subscription boxes—people appreciate the convenience and fun of having a regular delivery to their doorstep. Physical stores are declining, and gone with them are the inconveniences of packed parking lots, standing in line, and spending time wandering and wondering if the store will carry what you need. Instead, people turn online where everything they need is just a click away, delivered to your doorstep when you need it. Our marketplace is primed and ready for the fun of subscription boxes!

We especially love subscription boxes that make incredible gifts—when you just aren’t sure what to buy for someone, instead of a gift card, a subscription box is a surprise and it will keep on giving (literally!).

Today we wanted to feature Digiwrap customer Unboxing the Bizarre. Instead of shopping for a gift for the millennial in your life, order from Unboxing the Bizarre. Each box pairs fun gifts with ideas for how to celebrate wacky holidays with friends, family, and coworkers. Learn more about their story and their wacky, fun idea that translates into wacky, fun subscription boxes.

Unboxing the Bizarre

Why did you decide to start a subscription box business?

They always say some of the best ideas come out of tragedies. I had three members of my family pass away unexpectedly on three different holidays and another whose funeral took place on another holiday. I needed a reason to celebrate holidays again and not run or hide from them. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and had tried a few subscription boxes. With the help of family members, I decided to create my own and landed on the idea of offbeat holidays that don’t typically get celebrated in the mainstream. In my travels around the world, I saw whole towns come together to just have a time of fellowship and fun—sometimes for a reason (such as a government holiday) but other times just simply to be silly and have fun for no reason at all. The idea of celebrating basically just being alive every day was not only a way to make me want to celebrate holidays again, but since I am an April Fool’s baby, it was a perfect fit. Who better to run a subscription box company celebrating the weird, wacky, wild and crazy, offbeat holidays than a weird, wacky, wild and crazy, offbeat holiday baby. So Unboxing the Bizarre was born!

Unboxing the Bizarre

Why are you passionate about celebrating wacky and bizarre holidays?

I love that you can just have fun with them. We hope to bring family, friends, and coworkers together with our boxes, which offer ways to open up unique conversations and dialogue. Many families don’t sit around a dinner table anymore and talk, but hopefully our fun trivia can be a conversation starter, or it can lead to a fun game night or themed party where they can unplug and enjoy each other’s company. We are also hoping to offer bosses a way to change up any monotony in the daily routine of their staff members. I taught corporate culture at one of the organizations I worked at, and we would send out trivia on certain days so that teams could celebrate together. It was always fun seeing pictures of what they celebrated. The best one was “Something on a Stick Day”. Supervisors brought in popsicles, rock candy, and even fried Twinkies.

What inspires you when you are compiling a box? How do you decide which holidays to feature?

There are some really strange holidays out there. So while we procure our boxes, we consider both “suggested ways to celebrate” and the uniqueness of the holiday. The more bizarre and unknown, the more fun it is for us and the subscribers. We have a lot of fun learning about things we would have never even thought about, let alone even celebrated, such as Root Canal Day. Who the heck celebrates a day of pain? We do!

Why is presentation in your packaging important?

This is one thing that I am a stickler about. People will always judge something within a few seconds. So packaging and presentation is a make-or-break in the subscription box industry. From the beginning, we decided that it was important to start with branded boxes and professionally printed inserts for the trivia, as well as fun colored paper filler. I did not want to cut corners on anything that would present our company in a messy, disorganized, or “haven’t got it together” light. As a company, we want to be professional in everything we do.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.05.22 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.06.21 PM

We use Digiwrap logo printed tissue paper to wrap items from vendors that are not boxed individually. It both gives a professional look and protects the items. I had used bubble wrap in the past and pretty but plain tissue paper, but I really wanted something to carry the branding through on the entire product. When we got the paper, I was very delighted and impressed with the quality and look of our logo on the paper when it arrived. We have used it in two rounds of boxes so far and will continue to use it going forward. I believe it gives us an added edge in first impressions.


Do you have a success tip for other subscription box businesses?

Always have a plan B. The hardest part of our business is having vendors pull out or not deliver last minute. That has had us scrambling to try to fulfill all of the orders on time. So early on, I learned to be on top of the vendor to make sure the item is truly in stock and will be shipped by an expected date, and if it does not arrive by that date, I have another vendor ready to fill the request on an emergency basis.

Tell us about yourselves. What do you do for fun?

We are a travel-loving family! We have traveled the world—I feel that experiencing different cultures, flora, and fauna is an important part of life. We love adventure—we have zorbed, kayaked, waterskied, spelunked. We also like to give back to our community, from monetary or other donations to volunteering. In our community, we’ve helped to build playgrounds and we’ve helped to plant gardens.

Learn more about Unboxing the Bizarre!

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5 Packaging Tips for Small Businesses or Handmade Items

At Digiwrap, we love the idea of prioritizing presentation. As one of our crafty customers put it, “I want to visually communicate that my item is special and that I’m handing it over to the buyer in a special way.” When your buyer submits an order online or makes the decision to make a purchase in person, your packaging can affirm the decision for them. There will be no buyer’s remorse if they open the shipping box, or if in person they are handed the purchase, and it feels to them more like a gift than a transaction. Your packaging can do that work for you—elevating your product to a new level.

Here are a few tips for creating packaging that works:

1. Keep it simple. You won’t be able to sustain packaging if it involves a long process or a huge expense. With packaging, often less is more. We’ve seen clients do amazing things with just a few sheets of custom tissue paper and twine.


2. Consider your brand. What does your brand stand for? Work the essential elements and feel into your packaging. This may mean designing a logo tissue paper (which keeps with the simple theme above.) Or maybe your brand is about whimsy, or nature…work these elements into a custom tissue paper design that stands out as original.


3. Protect your items—beautifully. You know you need items to be wrapped so they don’t break during shipping or the ride home. So why not beautify the padding? Custom tissue paper is great for handling the job of keeping your items safe for shipping.


4. Get outside advice or help. We’ve seen clients turn out incredible packaging and ideas that they likely couldn’t have come up with on their own. Youcould consider a designer who can put together a custom tissue paper design, or even a brand development company like Postfilm, which one of our clients used for her photography packaging.

Jen Osojnicki

5. Encourage repeat business. You accomplished the most difficult part, which was getting them as a customer in the first place. Encourage more business both through your stunning packaging, and through a reminder of how they can find you again next time. This may be a business card, or it may be as simple as your website address or shortlink listed on the tissue paper.peppersprouts_cheesemarkers

Ready to design your custom tissue paper? Learn more about ordering.

Simple Ordering Now Available

We know you want the process of ordering to be easy, so we work hard to keep things intuitive. We have recently simplified the ordering process even further, so you can place your order and get on to the fun part of anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Some Digiwrap customers want a more customized, complex, or larger order. Some want to simply choose a pre-designed template and upload photos to make the tissue paper your own. Now, when you chose to “Order” by clicking the hot pink button in the upper right corner, you will be able to choose the ordering portal that suits your needs best.

BusinessesThis portal is for those who are looking to order 50 sheets or more who usually want either a fully customized design, logo tissue paper, or solid-colored tissue paper (we have over 90 colors available!). Typically people who order through this portal own a business, a small business (including Etsy shop owners), or they are ordering for a large event. This portal will take you to the Digiwrap store.

Consumers: This portal is for those who need a low quantity (1-100 sheets) who want a template that is pre-designed and ready for you to upload your own message or pictures. Templates available include tissue paper for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions like weddings. This portal will take you to the Zazzle ordering page.

So go ahead and place your order for custom tissue paper. It’s easier than ever!

Venture Further Events Crushes It with Innovative Tissue Paper Lamps

We love to see our clients make creative use of our custom tissue paper—and this one is no exception! We recently worked with Venture Further Events to help them execute tissue paper lanterns that would help to highlight sponsors of the event. Venture Further Events is a super creative event-planning firm that works hard to outdo themselves with every event. They were producing VentureCrushSF for the fourth year, and their theme called for tissue paper lamps.

“We are always looking for fresh ways to provide recognition of the companies that sponsor events,” said Carly Spoljaric, CEO of Venture Further Events. “It’s easy to create branded cocktail napkins and call it a day, but we aim to surprise and delight our clients with new, exceptional ideas. Our goal for the event was to transform the venue into an international night market, with exotic street vendors and bright, colorful decor. When we hit a road block on sourcing custom lanterns to hang in the courtyard, we had to think outside the box. We started playing around with different materials to see if we could create the same style by hand.”

Venture Further Events sourced the lamps, and discovered that the only material that would create the effect they were looking for was tissue paper. They called Digiwrap, and we worked with them to decide the appropriate size for the sheet and logos. Venture Further Events cut and applied the logos to the lamps, creating the best, most seamless way to feature a sponsor logo we’ve seen.

“With the help of Digiwrap we were able to turn our ideas into a reality. From our team to yours, thank you!” said Carly.

Learn more about Venture Further Events and the event below.

What was the event?

VentureCrushSF is an exclusive, invite-only event hosted by the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler that brings together technology investors, founders, and executives for a series of intimate roundtable forums relevant to the tech community. Following, industry insiders gather for a special evening affair featuring select winemaker guests sharing their most unique and treasured collections, as well as a spread of the Bay area’s most collective cuisine, and a live musical performance by solo artists Rhett Miller and Sarah Watkins. This was Venture Further Events’ fourth year producing the event.

Why are you passionate about event planning?

At Venture Further we pride ourselves on crafting unique and memorable experiences for our clients and their guests. There is nothing better than creating a vision, then challenging ourselves to make it a reality and something that really stands out from the rest. The Bay Area tech scene is saturated with events, conferences, and parties, so there is an element of constant innovation required in order to continually exceed client expectations. At the end of the day, it’s about making our clients smile. Making them feel part of something special, while knowing that every last detail has been planned for and considered.

What inspires you when you are planning an event?

It sounds cliché, but pushing ourselves to do things that have never been done before. We try to stay true to our tagline, “Known for taking things too far!” We consider ourselves fortunate to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area which provides a breathtaking canvas and an array of one-of-a-kind venues. Our imaginative nature, unique style, and experienced team allow us to create an experience that guests won’t find anywhere else.

Why is presentation important?

It is important to keep in mind that your client is your customer. The presentation of each and every event is a representation of your customer and their brand. At Venture Further, we take this seriously and always consider ourselves an extension of each client’s team. We routinely tell our clients that if they can get guests to their event, we’ll be sure they want to stay. When you present an experience that delights the senses, people naturally want to stick around for more.

Do you have a creative custom tissue paper idea? Contact Digiwrap to find out how we can help you today.

Featured Customer: Get BossBox for a New Tie Every Month

Our custom tissue paper customers know about the importance of packaging and presentation — and BossBox is a standout. As a dapper tie-of-the-month club, BossBox is all about presentation. Do you wear a tie every day? (Or does your Dad or husband? Father’s Day is coming up!) BossBox helps you to change it up, while sticking to your personal style. And they do it with great ease—just tell them what you usually like, and one tie every month is hand-selected and delivered to your door. If you love it, keep it, and if you don’t, send it back for free.

We use our Digiwrap custom tissue paper to add a nice touch to all of our packaging! - Mike Brody of BossBox

And what we at Digiwrap enjoy most about is the stellar packaging. Their sleek box might make your heart beat a little faster each month when it’s delivered to your door. And inside, besides the awesome designer ties, they’ve made it even more special with a cool BossBox tie wrap and—our favorite element—the custom printed tissue paper with just their logo. Simple and effective, which is perfect for such a simple and effective product.

Sign up for BossBox today!

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4 Etsy Branding Tips: How to Encourage Repeat Orders

Often tips for selling on Etsy focus on optimizing to be seen, but there is another place entirely that is worth taking a look at—repeat customers. If you have gotten to the point of receiving an order from someone, retaining them as a customer can be extremely valuable! The hard work is done—they found you and made a purchase. Now the trick is to help them to remember you and encourage more purchases. Check out the four tips below to make your shop memorable, and to leverage your existing customer base:

Make the Delivery Special. If people are buying a handmade item, they expect it to be slightly different from just any purchase. The act of shopping on Etsy satisfies their desire for something special, and you can help carry that feeling all the way through the delivery. Package the item using custom tissue paper that includes your shop’s brand. You can design and order small or large quantities of custom tissue paper at This will visually communicate that your item is special and that you are handing it over to the buyer in a special way.

Print Business Cards. Often, people shopping on Etsy are buying gifts. Print business cards with your shop’s name and link, and possibly with a “To:/From:” field included, so the buyer can easily include that with a card to indicate where they purchased your product. That way if the buyer loves it (and you know they will!) they can check out your shop and order more.

Use Your Shop Shortlink. Every Etsy Shop automatically has a short link, which is your (so, for example, if your store name is Pinch of Spice, the short link is “”). Printing your shop’s short link on custom tissue paper and your business cards allows people to easily return to shop for more!

Provide Great Service, and Then Encourage a Review: Of course, it’s important to offer great service from order, to turn around time, to great packaging. (You won’t get repeat business if you don’t focus on creating a great all around shopping experience.) Follow up with your customers after the delivery is complete to request feedback on Etsy. Buyers often don’t know that they can leave you feedback, and often people don’t think to do this (unless they have something bad to say). So a quick reminder to say, “I hope you enjoyed the experience of buying from me. If you get a few seconds, I would love you to leave a review on Etsy,” just might encourage those valuable 5-star reviews.

May the repeat business be with you!

Order your shop’s custom tissue paper today! Create a custom design, or simply order a repeat logo pattern!


A Compliment Worth Sharing

We are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers — when someone takes the time to send us a nice message, it affirms and validates our belief in our product. Plus, who doesn’t like to get a nice compliment?

We recently received this message from a happy customer:

“We received our first order from your company and it looked just as promised. Our end user was so excited to find a product that complimented her new product line. We look forward to placing several more orders as we grow our little concept into a full-time gig. Thank you so much!”

We believe in our product and in its usefulness to small businesses and start-ups. Because you can customize our tissue paper and order it in small or large quantities, it is ideal for anyone who wants to improve and personalize their packaging. You can upload a custom design, or you can simply upload your logo and we can print it in a repeat pattern — it’s a valuable branding tool. Our custom tissue paper is unique, and often is just the thing a small business is looking for!

Make your custom tissue paper order today!

Etsy Packaging Done Right. Featured Etsy Shop: Pinch of Spice

When you are looking for unique, personalized, or handmade gifts, you turn to Etsy. What we love most about Etsy is the very real people behind every shop. These talented crafters, artists, and designers create beautiful products. We love to help Etsy shop owners to retain their special, handmade feel by creating custom tissue paper for their packaging.

Since we love Etsy shop owners, we’ve decided to occasionally feature a few who have put our custom tissue paper to good use. Our first feature is Liz Binder, owner of Pinch of Spice. She designs custom save the dates, wedding invitations, and more. We sat down with Liz to discover what inspires her, success tips for Etsy sellers, and more.

Why are you passionate about your shop?

My shop is what allowed me to stay at home with my kids, so I put all of my energy and passion into making it as great as it can be. Since I sell invitation designs, all of my customers are always excited to work with me because the invitation is the first step to planning the bridal shower, birthday party, wedding, or another event that they are typically very excited to get started on. So for me it is a lot of fun hearing their reactions when they receive their first proof. I love it when someone orders their wedding invitations from me because there is something so fun about working with a couple as they begin to plan such a huge event in their lives. The brides-to-be are filled with excitement, and it always brings me back to the day 7 years ago that I got married.

What inspires you when you are designing something new?

It is so key for me to have unique designs—otherwise I would get lost in the Etsy shuffle. So I find myself walking through the mall and seeing a sign with a cute phrase on it or hearing a song on the radio and thinking, “That would be great on a save the date!”

Why is presentation in your packaging important?

My customers are paying for quality. They want a unique and beautiful design, and just as importantly they want a quality finished product. When they open the package from me, I want them to be just as excited as when they first found my design. The presentation is key.


Do you have a success tip for other Etsy shop owners?

There are so may products on Etsy that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Take some time to browse and see what other products are similar to yours, and find a way to be unique and stand out from the crowd. When I first started, I was only doing Christmas card designs and was definitely lost amidst the other cards being offered until I realized that what I needed was something just a little different. So instead of having designs with the typical phrases like “Merry Christmas,” I started to brainstorm some ideas that would be different. As soon as I did that, sales started rolling in. It was the same thing when I started offering save the dates—putting something out there that nobody else had is what led me to ultimate success. One other important aspect of Etsy is how customers search for your products. Research how to optimize your listings, and do everything you can including keywords and tags and optimize away!

What do you do for fun?

I am home with my two kids, so most of my fun time is with them! We go out whenever we can—zoo, play cafe’s, library, stores—you name it, we do it! When I have a (much needed) break from them, I find a fun Friday night to be a trip to Target all by myself! My, how life changes after kids!

If you own an Etsy shop and you’d like to improve your packaging, order your custom tissue paper today!

8 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper

We created Digiwrap for people who understand and agree on one thing: It’s all in the presentation. We create custom tissue paper for people who have a vision. People who are particular. People who know what they want. We add the finishing touches to your product, gift, or event. We are “that something” that makes what you do memorable. We help you add the “wow.”

What are the best uses for custom tissue paper? Here are a few ideas:

1. Wedding favors. You want your big day to be everyone’s favorite wedding. You want people to be in awe that you thought of every detail. Use custom tissue paper with your wedding date and names to wrap the favor, so they can take home a reminder that you thought of everything.

2. Special event or banquet favors. Do you have a special event, like a fundraiser, banquet, or gala? Print custom tissue paper with your logo, a pattern to match and create your theme, or the event information. Use it to decorate and for favors.

3. Birthday party decor or gifts. Maybe you have the perfect theme planned for your birthday party but you need a particular pattern to make it work. Print tissue paper so your vision can be fulfilled! This works for a child’s birthday party theme, or for milestone birthdays, like a 40th, 50th, and so on!

4. Product launches. You have a special product you are launching and want to promote. Create custom tissue paper to celebrate the launch and help spread the word.

5. Etsy packaging. You run a business on Etsy and ship your products across the country. Make your shop memorable and encourage repeat business by wrapping your products in custom-printed tissue paper with your shop name or logo.

6. Custom shopping bag or store gift box tissue paper. You can add a special touch to any shopping bag with a custom designed tissue paper. Or provide tissue with your company logo in a pattern with gift boxes. Your customers will love the special touch!

7. Your own personal gift wrap. Print your own signature gift wrap—one that screams “you!” Add a name, date, or picture to make it perfectly clear that this paper is one-of-a-kind.

The next time you are planning something special, Digiwrap It!

Maybe you have another great idea for custom tissue paper to add to our list. If you have success using custom tissue paper to give your project, event, or gift a special something, let us know! We’d love to feature it here.