Tissue Paper Idea: Decorate a Blown-Out Egg

We love when our customers send us their interesting, out-of-the-“bag” ideas for how to use our products. And with customizable Tissue Paper and Gift Bags as our products, we encounter a lot of creative customers.

Last week we were wow-ed by Digiwrap customer Sonia, who took Easter egg decorating to a whole new level. She created an egg with a delicate flower design using our custom printed tissue paper.

First she blew out some eggs.

She cut the tissue paper and glued. You can use Mod Podge and a paintbrush, or even just Elmers glue would work fine!

She completed the gift by using a custom-printed gift bag—and the results were an incredible Easter-basket filler and gorgeous keepsake.

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What Are You Thankful For? Creative Thanksgiving Memory-Making Game Ideas

Many people love to take Thanksgiving to reflect on everything they are thankful for—and we find it to be especially impactful to write those things down and share them with others. We love the idea of physically writing those things on paper and placing them in a gift bag. The act of putting the written idea down on paper makes the thought concrete. And placing it in a gift bag gives you a sense of the gift that the written thing is. Plus, the gift bag can be saved with the memories and put out as decor every November.

Without further ado, here is our simple Thanksgiving memory-making idea!

Memory embracing version:

1. Have paper or index cards and pens available on the table as the meal is being prepared. Have friends and family members who are at your celebration write down what they are thankful for this year. If you are feeling crafty, offer stickers, colored pencils, and other items so that if they want to, they can make their idea beautiful. (This could also be a fun activity for children who might be at your party—have them decorate the cards or paper ahead of time, leaving space for guests’ answers.)

2. Have guests place their idea into their custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag. (At the end of the celebration, this bag can be saved and put out as a Thanksgiving decoration in the years that follow!)

3. Have each person at the table reach in and read one card out loud during the dinner. Or, have the host read each. As an additional fun spin, you can have everyone try to guess who wrote it after it is read.

4. Don’t forget to gather them all and save the Thanksgiving bag for future years!

Fun and funny version:

1. Have two different colors of paper on the table. On the first color, have your guests write what they are thankful for. On the second color, have them finish the thought with a “because” statement. So, for example, on yellow someone writes “I am thankful for my dog…” and on blue, they write, “…because he is fuzzy, warm, cuddly, and greets me at the door with love whenever I get home.”

2. Collect both colors of paper from all guests in your custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag.

3. During dinner, have each person randomly pull one paper of each color. Have them read the paper as a complete thought and watch the hilarity of the mixed up cards ensue!

4. After the meal, tape the paper together to save them either as the funny version, or piece back together the originals for a sentimental, lasting memory.

At Digiwrap, we are thankful for our customers, who are creative, thoughtful, gift-giving people. After all, it takes a lot of thoughtfulness to plan a gift down to the perfect custom-made, personalized packaging. So as Thanksgiving approaches, we are giving thanks for giving, and especially for all of the people who give in such a beautiful way.

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5 Creative Ways to Make a Cash Graduation Gift Personal

Graduation is right around the corner, and you are just so proud. You want to celebrate your child or family member or friend’s achievement with a graduation gift, and simply handing over a check doesn’t feel personal enough. However, money is exactly what a grad wants! When the grad opens so many envelopes, the gifts all lose meaning and run together. Make your gift stand out by packaging it in a creative way—and combine one of the below ideas with a personalized gift bag.

Not crafty? No problem! Several of our ideas involve just uploading photos to create a beautiful, fun customized gift bag that will make any cash gift personal! This way your cash gift is both the perfect present, and it goes above and beyond to show how much your grad means to you. 

Make your cash gift stand out with one of these below unique ideas, coupled with impressive personalized packaging.

1. Money Wreath

Roll up those dollar bills and make something your grad can hang on the door of their dorm room closet. When they need some spare cash, they’ll know where to look! We found tons of money wreath ideas on Pinterest—this is just one of many how-to’s for this fun idea.

2. Cash Graduation Cap

Celebrate graduation with the perfect replica of the day’s symbol—a cash graduation cap. We love the detailed step by steps in this how-to. Pair it with a bag that says “Go Change the World,” and include piles of quarters in the bag!

3. Look How Far You’ve Come Gift Bag

Find a funny photo of the grad from childhood and upload it for a fun, super-personal gift bag! They will love how personal your gift is!

4. Cash Medal

Every kid loves a medal! This money chain is a super fun way to award a grad for their hard work. Pair it with a gift bag with their photo that says “You’re a real winner!” 

5. School Spirit Gift Bag

Is your grad particularly proud of the college they’re headed to? Use the grad’s future school colors on a gift bag, and fill it with gift cards to places near the school.

And of course, choose from any number of customizable gift bags from Digiwrap to make the gift extra personal! Add your grad’s photo, name, and a message of congratulations to send them out into the world!

A Custom Bag for Your Swag: Giveaway Ideas for Your Charity or Business Event

When your business or nonprofit is planning a large group fundraiser, opening party, charity event, or other activity where hundreds of people are coming together for one purpose, a gift bag or take home package can be the best way to keep their event and your group top of mind when they leave. People love swag—especially when it’s useful, creative, and interesting. A giveaway thanks them for their time, commemorates the day, and gives them a physical reminder of the event you spent so much time putting together.

Ideas and tips for your corporate or nonprofit event giveaway:

  • Carry out the theme. You likely have spent time considering a color scheme, theme, and other marketing materials. Use a custom gift bag to wrap anything—candy, a knick knack or gadget with your logo on it—and your theme can be complete. You started it all with a theme, so finish it in the same way for a tidy, themed package.
  • Include an important picture. People love to see the “person” behind your event. A face gives your event a personal touch and tells the real, memorable story. Give your gift or take-home bag a face—include a picture of the person your event is celebrating, the client of the nonprofit, the testimonial. It’s easy to include pictures on Digiwrap’s custom gift bags.
  • Include sponsor logos on the back of the bag. Your event sponsors love to know their investment was worthwhile—and the more you promote them, the better chance they will reinvest next year. Putting their logos on the back of the gift bag allows your attendees to take their identity home with them in an extremely visible way.
  • Give contact information. Help people to continue the relationship with you and your event. Include your logo, your email or web address, and your social media handles. It doesn’t have to be large or the main focus of the design—but it will help make it easy for people to know where to find you if they need to.
  • Create a re-giftable design. People love to reduce, reuse, recycle. And Digiwrap custom gift bags are made of top-notch, super durable material. (Just read our Zazzle reviews—our customers can’t stop talking about the quality of the bag!) So if you create a design that is clearly themed and customized for your event, but that is plain enough to be re-usable, the gift bag becomes part of the gift. Then put any custom info or material on the tissue you include (we have custom printed tissue paper also), and people can re-use the bag and remember the event again!

Interested in using a customized gift bag for giveaways at your next corporate event, fundraiser, or charity event? Choose any quantity from 1-1000+, and a range of sizes. Your order can be ready in as little as a 7 days!

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Nothing Says Personal Like Your Face! Simple Custom Holiday Gift Wrap

Any gift can be personalized when you put your face on it! Or the recipient’s! Or both! With Digiwrap custom gift wrapping, you can order as little as one sheet of custom printed tissue paper or a custom gift bag, so each gift can be unique. Check out some of our customizable gift wrap designs

Stick and Tissue Plane Made with Digiwrap Custom Paper

One of our favorite experiences with Digiwrap custom printed tissue paper is hearing about how all of you creative people out there decide to use the product. We love all of the crafts and interesting things people decoupage, we’ve seen PR companies make tissue lanterns, and it’s been used in unique and custom wedding invitations. Recently, we had a customer send us one of the most remarkable uses of our tissue paper yet:

We asked the maker about it, and he said he makes "stick and tissue" retro rubber powered model airplanes—“FreeFlight.” He was interested in trying out Digiwrap tissue paper because of the ability to create a custom design. And we are glad he did—what a beauty!

We have created several step-by-step instructions for other interesting uses of custom tissue paper, including pinantas, cupcake toppers, wedding favor boxes, envelop liners, and more. Check out our simple tutorials for ideas!

How to Elevate Flowers for Mother’s Day to a New Level

When people purchase a custom gift bag, it’s often treasured by the recipient.  Where most gift bags are used and tossed, a personalized gift bag becomes a keepsake.  It’s part of the gift. (Sometimes the best, most personal part!)

We are innovating products every day, and our next bag is coming out soon. For a sneak peak, we are presenting another out-of-the-bag idea just in time for Mother’s Day. Elevate flowers to a new level by personalizing the package using this 5” custom gift bag. The flowers, which came in a 4” pot and are available in most grocery store floral departments, have a plastic liner that fits perfectly into the gift bag. This gives mom, or anyone special in your life, the perfect reason to hang onto and display the bag for all to see.

Interested in ordering your own custom bag for your flower gift? It is not yet available online, but as a special insider you can order one upon request. Email the sales team at and ask about the “Flower Gift Bag.” We will help you create incredibly personalized gifts for your loved ones.

Quick Delivery Personalized Gift Bags or Tissue Paper? Yes!

At Digiwrap, we get it—life gets in the way of even the best-laid plans. When you need something personalized or customized, but you’ve waited until the last minute, it isn’t too late. We are able to not only personalize even the smallest quantity orders, but we are able to provide a quick turn time. If you are in the US, it is also a bonus our product is made in the USA—costs are low and delivery is that much quicker. In fact, we can deliver the highest quality of full-color prints in 7 business days or less, with an optional 2-day rush. How can we do it so quickly without compromising quality?

  • Digital printing. Look to our name for a clue—“Digi” wrap means our products our printed digitally. Digital printing is a fast process, allowing us to produce high-quality color, in small to large quantities, fast.
  • US-based, personal service. Digiwrap is an American company based right outside of Chicago. Our production and our customer service all happens at this central location, which allows for our fantastic turnaround time as well as an extra layer of personalized service. We make sure that you are happy with your order, and our many repeat customers are a sign to us that we are doing the job right.
  • Our most exciting example: Shark Tank Open Casting Call. To illustrate the speed, read about how we landed a spot on Shark Tank a few years ago.

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Wedding Favor Idea: Chicago Couple Personalizes a Custom Gift Bag!

We love when smart brides and grooms take advantage of our custom gift bags for their wedding favors. Since the gift bags can be fully customized and printed in a short run, custom printed gift bags make the perfect, personal wedding favor. With a custom gift bag, you can personalize your wedding favor while still sending your guests home with the things they crave—chocolates, candies, or anything you choose.

wedding gift bag favors

Recently, we were excited when a Chicago bride printed custom gift bags for her guests. This wedding celebration took place at Bottom Lounge in Chicago's West Loop. The couple enjoys crossfit together, so they decided to incorporate it into their design. A friend of the bride and groom designed the bag and custom tissue paper to match their invitations and color scheme. The wedding favors were filled with heart-shaped chocolates. The guests loved the bags, and we noticed a few people snagging any extra unattended ones at the end of the night.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Photos provided and used with permission by Lori Sapio Photography.

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We also offer custom printed tissue paper. Design your own, or choose from one of our many easy “fill-in-the-blank” designs.

Featured Customer: Unique Wedding Invitation Wows with Map Tissue Wrap

Occasionally orders for custom tissue paper come through that are so interesting and eye-catching that we have to know the intended use. This was the case with some map-printed tissue paper a few months ago. The design was interesting, and they made a special request to ship the tissue paper totally flat without rolling. After printing and shipping, we followed up with the customer because we were dying to know what they were planning to do with it. The answer did not disappoint!

The order came from Melisa Rodio and her mother Noreen Rochford. The two women own Live Love Party Designs. They put together a unique, totally beautiful wedding invitation for a couple who were planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico. The tissue paper was used in place of a pocket fold to wrap the invitation prior to slipping it in the envelope.

The bride wanted something lightweight, as she would be sending quite a few invitations via international mail—so tissue paper was just the thing! Live Love Party Designs created a vintage style map. They wrapped the invitation in a trifold, tied a cord around it, and from the cord hung a little wooden airplane cutout with the bride and groom’s names engraved on it.

Totally gorgeous results!

Live LoveLive Love
Live Love

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