Personalized Holiday Wrapping will Take Your Gifts to the Next Level

Every year your family gathers for the big gift exchange and that one relative outdoes herself with thoughtful gifts and beautiful paper. And you hand out your gift cards that you bought the day before in line at the major grocery store and think, it’s okay, we’ll get ’em next year. Or, you are that relative—the one with the pristine wrap with the crisp edges, and you are baffled because you have outdone yourself so many times that you are afraid you are out of out-doings. Either way, fear not! 2016 will be the year of your big impressively thoughtful gift giving extravaganza!

That’s because you’re here—and you’ve discovered the best thing to happen to either your completely impersonal gift card roundup of gifts or your I-hand-knit-this-scarf-for-you-one-stitch-at-a-time-over-the-past year approach to gifts. What is this thing that will make your gift the ultimate this year? Custom printed tissue paper by Digiwrap!

We’ve put together several holiday tissue paper designs that allow you to include your own holiday message and names. This special touch is sure to impress—it will take your gift to a truly Pinteresting level without any major effort. Even gift cards—the easiest-to-purchase gift around—will have a personal finesse when you wrap it in our new holiday designs.

Check them out below:

Holiday Christmas Animals


Holiday Christmas Sweater


Holiday Christmas Fox


Holiday Hipster Santa with Pictures


Holiday Christmas Deer


Holiday Hanukkah Icons with Pictures


Holiday Hanukkah Lights

On each of these, you can customize the message and name. It’s an easy way to “go all out” with only a few clicks. Try out your favorite design by clicking the picture above, and preview it now!

Happy Halloween: 5 Custom Trick or Treat Bags and Other Ideas

People love celebrating Halloween, and every year it seems to get more festive and fun. Are you looking for Pinteresting ways to celebrate this year? Digiwrap has you covered — just order and your custom idea will be the talk of the town this October!

1. Order Custom Trick or Treat Bags for Outstanding Neighbors. Maybe you want to show your favorite nearby trick-or-treaters your appreciation for doing life together on your street. Order custom Trick or Treat bags and have them ready when they come a ringing!

Custom Bag

2. Order a Clever Bag for a Halloween Party Hostess Gift. We’ve got tons of clever Halloween Gift bags worth checking out. Gory, cutesy, or funny—we’ve got them all! Order a pre-designed bag or customize your own!


3. Order Custom Halloween Paper for Your Business. Does your town host an event where you’ll be giving away candy to little shoppers? Or do you just want to be extra festive? Order Halloween-themed tissue paper for wrapping your products or including in shopping bags.


4. Attending a Halloween-themed Wedding? Customize a Gift Bag. Are you attending a wedding with a Halloween theme? Personalize that gift check by presenting it in a custom gift bag!


5. Get clever and go fully custom! You can also always go fully custom with a tissue paper or gift bag design! Match a costume for your own trick or treat bag, or coordinate a favor bag to your Halloween party theme! Create your custom order now!


Check out our entire selection of Halloween-themed products, available on Zazzle!

Create Fully Custom Tissue Paper Gift Wrap for the Ultimate Personal Gift

When a party approaches, you want to make an impression with your gift. And with fully custom tissue paper, you could give even the most impersonal present and make it completely special. Here are a few reasons why creating fully custom gift wrap just makes sense:

Custom Tissue

1. Order in any quantity. You can order as few as 2 sheets of tissue paper, and up to 1,000. So if you are giving a single gift for a birthday or wedding, order a small quantity and the guests of honor won’t believe you went to such an effort. And if you are ordering for a large party, wedding favors, a shower, or corporate gathering, you can personalize the tissue paper to the event to make the fit extra special.

2. Add any photo or text. Upload a picture, message, names, a date, or any text you want. Choose from numerous fonts or background colors. Make the image small, or cover the whole tissue paper.

3. Simple tools. You don’t have to be a graphic artist to create your tissue paper design. Just use our simple tools, and the site will even let you know if there are errors with your uploads. See a preview of your design as you work.

4. Low cost! For 10 lb tissue paper, the cost starts at less than $3 a sheet. Greater quantities bring the cost down even further.

5. Highly rated. The tissue paper, sold on Zazzle and printed by Digiwrap, has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Zazzle, with 74 reviews! People love the quality, ease of use, and final product. You don’t have to take our word for it—the fully custom tissue paper is top notch!


Design and order yours today.

Photo Credit: wombatarama Flickr via Compfight cc

Fully Custom Gift Bag Design Is a Snap, and Costs Under $10

When you are giving a gift, there is no better way to make it special than in the presentation. And our fully custom gift bag does not disappoint. And the best news — it’s easy to do, and the gift bags cost $10 or less. Add text, add photos, and make a gift bag that is only for your recipient. Easily design and order on Zazzle, where the fully custom gift bags get 4.9 out of 5 stars with 101 reviews.

Check out some of the simple things you can do — and even a non-designer can figure it out!

Custom Gift Bag Custom Gift Bag
Custom Gift Bag

Custom Gift Bag

Custom Gift BagCustom Gift BagCustom Gift BagCustom Gift Bag

You can also edit the front and the back, so the gift bag looks great from any angle.

Order yours today!

Digiwrap Gift Bags on Zazzle Get 5 Star Reviews

We are proud to have created an exclusive printing process for custom-printed gift bags. Our personalized and custom gift bags are available to purchase on Zazzle, where we are proud to say they get incredible reviews! (You can also see plenty of 5 star reviews on our maker page for unique tissue paper designs.) We hear rave reviews about the quality of the gift bags as well as the gorgeous colors.

On Zazzle you can find pre-designed gift bags, customizable designs where you can upload your own photos or text to a gift bag, or Make-Your-Own custom gift bags—and customers love them all!

Here are some of the things our gift bag customers have said recently when reviewing our custom gift bags:

Whale Pattern Gift Bag 


“It was very well made and sturdy.”

Pink Personalized Photo Gift Bag


“I thought the idea of personalized gift bags was wonderful and the bag was gorgeous!”

Fully Custom Gift Bag


“The tote is amazing. You could not find better anywhere in the field of paper goods and packaging.”

“Slick – Shiny – NICE!”

Baby Shower Pastel Pink


“Just perfect for all the small items…baby book, teddy bear, onesies…I bought for the mom-to-be! Sturdy bag but still flexible.”

Medical Scrubs Gift Bag


“The bag is even better than I imagined—it is sturdy and the graphics are perfect for my graduating physician! “

Tiffany Blue Gift Bag


“Beautiful Tiffany blue gift bag. Durability, strong well made bag. Elegant looking.”

Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Gift Bag

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.34.55 PM

“The gift bag for our son’s wedding turned out even better than I expected. The color of the gift bag was beautiful and the quality is great!”

Interested in shopping our selection of custom gift bags on Zazzle? Check them out now!

10 Genius Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

When you discover Digiwrap’s selection of custom gift bags (available on Zazzle)custom tissue paper, and over 75 colors of solid tissue paper, you are sure to become a gift wrap fanatic. Before your house becomes overrun with awesome gift wrap options, check out the gift wrap storage and organization ideas from organization expert bloggers below!

Click any picture to see more ideas and explanations from these order geniuses.

Scrapbook Organizer

Idea from: A Bowl Full of Lemons


Art Box

Idea from: I Heart Organizing

Art Box

Basket with Magazine Holder Dividers

Idea from: I Heart Organizing


Closet Storage Drawer

Idea from: Graceful Order

Closet Storage Drawer

Over the Door Hanger

Idea from: Steve and Kelly Plus Two


Tension Rod and Shower Hooks

Idea from: Organize and Decorate Everything


Office Clips

Idea from: Chez Larsson


3 Drawer Organizer

Random Recycling


Peg Boards/h2>

Idea from: Today’s Creative Life


Tall Shelf Dividers

Idea from: Live Simply by Annie


Now that you’re organized, are you ready for more custom tissue paper, custom gift bags, or solid colored tissue paper?

Join our eList for more creative tissue paper ideas!

Video: Digiwrap Products Make Industry Insiders Say Wow!

Digiwrap is known for printing custom tissue paper, and the ability to print in very small quantities. You may think it’s incredible to be able to order just 1 sheet of a custom tissue paper to wrap a birthday present for a special someone, or to print just 100 sheets for your wedding favors, or to print just a few hundred for your small business product packaging—but your awe over the process is nothing compared to that of the industry insiders who know that what Digiwrap has accomplished here is no small feat!

Recently Brad Boskovic, President of Digiwrap, was interviewed by WhatTheyThink, the printing and publishing industry’s leading media organization. The interview is part of the “Thought Leadership” video series. In the video, they describe the printing process as one of the more unique HP Indigo applications they’ve seen. Senior Editor Cary Sherburne says, “Tissue paper, wow! On a sheet fed press, wow!” We are always happy to make industry insiders say “Wow!”—twice!

We also love to see Brad talk so excitedly about his passion for our products—both the custom printed tissue paper and the personalized Euro-style tote bags (gift bags), and about our exclusive patented process that took four years to develop.

You can see the video here, or click the image below and you will be taken to the WhatTheyThink page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.24.01 AM

Order your custom tissue paper today!

Dads: Win Mother’s Day. Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gift with Custom Wrapping

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and dads everywhere are panicking. If your kids are 13 or under, you are responsible. And come on, guys. You have got to do better than last year. You remember, right? You didn’t remember the gift, and then you did the thing, and she was all, “It’s okay” and by “It’s okay” she meant, “You’re the worst, you are not worthy, you are dead to me.” But let’s be real—she was kind of right. You were the worst! And then her friend’s husband, that other dad, he did the breakfast in bed and the spa day and the blah blah blah. This year, though…this year it will be different. It has to be. Because you are thinking of Mother’s Day already and it is a good several weeks away. So what can you do?

We’ll tell you—you can be the new “that other dad.” You can be the one that all the mom friends are talking about to their husbands, the one who does all the stuff and the blah blah blah. You can set the bar. And the trick is, it won’t even take that much! Lean in. Come closer. (Or just scroll down.) We’ll tell you the secret.

Personalized photo tissue paper. That’s it! Order a few sheets of these bad boys, wrap anything up in them—a spa gift card or a nice scarf (or even a bad scarf…does she even wear scarves this time of year?) or some blah blah blah. Whatever you put in this personalized tissue paper will make it the gift of the year. Because the paper will have her face and/or your kid’s faces on it, and it will say “Best Mom Ever,” and she will swoon. She will squee. And you will be the big winner.

Here are your choices:

MothersDay Laurels


DIGI-026 MothersDay SuperMom

It’s so easy (just upload a great picture and order), so inexpensive, and you can order as few as 2 sheets of tissue paper. Make it happen and be the big Mother’s Day winner!

Order your custom Mother’s Day tissue paper today!

7 Tissue Paper Flower DIYs for Spring and Easter!

Digiwrap is based in the Midwest, so we get to experience all the extremes of the seasons. As Spring approaches, we can start to look forward to winter thawing, buds and green returning to the trees, and flowers blooming. We can almost hear the birds chirping already! And as lovers of everything color, we can’t wait for another favorite Spring event—Easter!

Easter is undeniably the most colorful holiday—celebrated with everything pastel. Since we offer over 75 solid colored tissue papers, we are sure you can create the perfect Easter bouquet of pastel colors.

In honor of Spring approaching and every tissue paper color you could imagine, we’ve curated our favorite tissue paper flower DIYs from around the web. Create your favorite using one of our 75+ colors of tissue paper today!

Hydrangeas by

This tissue paper hydrangeas are totally gorgeous, and could easily be mistaken for the real thing.


Full Bloom Roses by Lia Griffith

These roses are so romantic, we have to sigh when we look at them!


Giant Peonies by The Tangled Nest

These tissue paper peonies come in a variety you can’t get in real life—ginormous!


Posies by Martha Stewart

These tiny posies and pipe cleaners are a simple way to make a forever bouquet.


Spring Topiary by Jen’s Own Road

We love the bright colors and the use of the pails for these ever-living topiaries.


Flower Wrapping by The Things She Makes

Although this isn’t a DIY Tissue Paper flower, we love this simple way to dress up actual flowers! Simple, yet a totally elegant use of tissue paper.


Flower Pot by Enchanted Corner>

Use tissue paper to pot a plant, without fully potting the plant!


Feeling inspired? Order your favorite colors of plain tissue paper today.

5 Packaging Tips for Small Businesses or Handmade Items

At Digiwrap, we love the idea of prioritizing presentation. As one of our crafty customers put it, “I want to visually communicate that my item is special and that I’m handing it over to the buyer in a special way.” When your buyer submits an order online or makes the decision to make a purchase in person, your packaging can affirm the decision for them. There will be no buyer’s remorse if they open the shipping box, or if in person they are handed the purchase, and it feels to them more like a gift than a transaction. Your packaging can do that work for you—elevating your product to a new level.

Here are a few tips for creating packaging that works:

1. Keep it simple. You won’t be able to sustain packaging if it involves a long process or a huge expense. With packaging, often less is more. We’ve seen clients do amazing things with just a few sheets of custom tissue paper and twine.


2. Consider your brand. What does your brand stand for? Work the essential elements and feel into your packaging. This may mean designing a logo tissue paper (which keeps with the simple theme above.) Or maybe your brand is about whimsy, or nature…work these elements into a custom tissue paper design that stands out as original.


3. Protect your items—beautifully. You know you need items to be wrapped so they don’t break during shipping or the ride home. So why not beautify the padding? Custom tissue paper is great for handling the job of keeping your items safe for shipping.


4. Get outside advice or help. We’ve seen clients turn out incredible packaging and ideas that they likely couldn’t have come up with on their own. Youcould consider a designer who can put together a custom tissue paper design, or even a brand development company like Postfilm, which one of our clients used for her photography packaging.

Jen Osojnicki

5. Encourage repeat business. You accomplished the most difficult part, which was getting them as a customer in the first place. Encourage more business both through your stunning packaging, and through a reminder of how they can find you again next time. This may be a business card, or it may be as simple as your website address or shortlink listed on the tissue paper.peppersprouts_cheesemarkers

Ready to design your custom tissue paper? Learn more about ordering.