8 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper

We created Digiwrap for people who understand and agree on one thing: It’s all in the presentation. We create custom tissue paper for people who have a vision. People who are particular. People who know what they want. We add the finishing touches to your product, gift, or event. We are “that some...

Create Custom Gift Bags to Add a Special Touch to Any Gift!

We are excited to announce that we’ve been busy filling custom gift bag orders for The custom gift bags on Zazzle are a DigiWrap Exclusive product—we use an original and innovative printing process that allows us to print digital custom orders to gift bags. Through this exciting proces...

How to Do Gift Bag Tissue Paper (the Right Way!)

Calling all of those who are hopeless at presentation—you know who you are. You open a bag of chips and set it on the table when asked to bring a side. Your attempts to be Pinteresting could qualify for an epic fail contest. And when giving a gift, you crinkle a bunch of tissue paper into loose ba...

How to Make a Party Decor Bunting

Although we can’t all be Pinteresting, with a little tissue paper, some easy step by step instructions, and a few other supplies we can masquerade as the craftiest of crafters! Sometime the simplest decoration ideas are the best way to dress up a room for any holiday.