8 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper

We created Digiwrap for people who understand and agree on one thing: It’s all in the presentation. We create custom tissue paper for people who have a vision. People who are particular. People who know what they want. We add the finishing touches to your product, gift, or event. We are “that something” that makes what you do memorable. We help you add the “wow.”

What are the best uses for custom tissue paper? Here are a few ideas:

1. Wedding favors. You want your big day to be everyone’s favorite wedding. You want people to be in awe that you thought of every detail. Use custom tissue paper with your wedding date and names to wrap the favor, so they can take home a reminder that you thought of everything.

2. Special event or banquet favors. Do you have a special event, like a fundraiser, banquet, or gala? Print custom tissue paper with your logo, a pattern to match and create your theme, or the event information. Use it to decorate and for favors.

3. Birthday party decor or gifts. Maybe you have the perfect theme planned for your birthday party but you need a particular pattern to make it work. Print tissue paper so your vision can be fulfilled! This works for a child’s birthday party theme, or for milestone birthdays, like a 40th, 50th, and so on!

4. Product launches. You have a special product you are launching and want to promote. Create custom tissue paper to celebrate the launch and help spread the word.

5. Etsy packaging. You run a business on Etsy and ship your products across the country. Make your shop memorable and encourage repeat business by wrapping your products in custom-printed tissue paper with your shop name or logo.

6. Custom shopping bag or store gift box tissue paper. You can add a special touch to any shopping bag with a custom designed tissue paper. Or provide tissue with your company logo in a pattern with gift boxes. Your customers will love the special touch!

7. Your own personal gift wrap. Print your own signature gift wrap—one that screams “you!” Add a name, date, or picture to make it perfectly clear that this paper is one-of-a-kind.

The next time you are planning something special, Digiwrap It!

Maybe you have another great idea for custom tissue paper to add to our list. If you have success using custom tissue paper to give your project, event, or gift a special something, let us know! We’d love to feature it here.

Create Custom Gift Bags to Add a Special Touch to Any Gift!

We are excited to announce that we’ve been busy filling custom gift bag orders for The custom gift bags on Zazzle are a DigiWrap Exclusive product—we use an original and innovative printing process that allows us to print digital custom orders to gift bags. Through this exciting process, we are able to create small, medium, and large gift bags that include a personal message, photo, or design! This special touch might be just what you need to take your gifts to the next level.

The process is simple:

1. Select a design, or create your own. If you are artistically talented, design and upload your own art for the gift bag. Or you can browse the thousands of designs to choose one that suits your vision. We have every style, from traditional to modern to serious to wacky and fun!

Custom Gift Bag

2. Edit the design template. Once you have clicked your bag of choice, you’ll see the option to select a size and edit the template in the right sidebar. Upload an image (if the design calls for it) and add text with your own personal message. You can even choose between a matte and glossy finish on some of the designs!

3. Place the order. Select the amount you want, and then add the gift bag to your cart. Proceed to checkout, and you will be asked to register (if you are a new Zazzle customer) or sign in (if you are an existing customer). Then just wait anxiously for your gift bag to arrive!

Check out the selection of gift bags today!

How to Do Gift Bag Tissue Paper (the Right Way!)

Calling all of those who are hopeless at presentation—you know who you are. You open a bag of chips and set it on the table when asked to bring a side. Your attempts to be Pinteresting could qualify for an epic fail contest. And when giving a gift, you crinkle a bunch of tissue paper into loose balls and toss them in until they start showing at the top.

We are here to help you with that last one. Take a deep breath — in the next quick scroll, your hopeless presentation status will be forever changed! Here’s the proper way to put tissue paper in a gift bag!

Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5

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Order your custom tissue paper today and be on your way to impressing the recipients of your generous gifts!

If you like these Valentine designs, feel free to download and have us print you some today! Download the files below, and then order the tissue paper as a Pre-Made Design here.

Download My Little Valentine Art File (8.6 MB)

Download Pink Hearts Art File (3.5 MB)

Download I Love You Art File (3.3 MB)

Download Multicolored Hearts Art File (4.3 MB)

Download Love Art File (3.2 MB)

How to Make a Party Decor Bunting

Although we can’t all be Pinteresting, with a little tissue paper, some easy step by step instructions, and a few other supplies we can masquerade as the craftiest of crafters! Sometime the simplest decoration ideas are the best way to dress up a room for any holiday.