Custom Tissue Paper Breathes Life into Upcycled Furniture, Thanks to Roycycled Treasures!
Custom Tissue Paper Breathes Life into Upcycled Furniture, Thanks to Roycycled Treasures!

We love our custom tissue paper customers, since they are so often creative people who love to make their interesting products special! Just when we think we’ve found the most inventive use of custom tissue paper, another comes along that takes a whole new twist on the capabilities of custom tissue paper. Digiwrap customer Roycycled Treasures works in the upcycled furniture business—but she does more than takes the shabby and makes it chic. She creates works of art—and a key ingredient to her process is her custom-designed tissue paper that she uses to decoupage everything from old door fronts to desks and trunks and everything in between. She both upcycles her own projects and designs a popular line of large-scale tissue paper for others to use on their decoupage projects—check out the designs on her store.

We sat down with Royce to understand her path to designing custom tissue paper and upcycling, to find out why Digiwrap tissue paper works well for decoupage, and to get an idea of what inspires her obvious creative genius!

Photographs show Roycycled Treasures tissue paper designs, used on projects of various makers across the country! Click most photos to be linked to the upcycler’s website. 

How did you get into furniture upcycling?

I’ve always been crafty. I used to deal with papier-mâché deer heads. I shipped them all over the world—and then Hannah Anderson ordered 50 of them for a store. That was the last I made because it’s so time consuming. When I was done, I started looking around for things to do. I started doing small furniture pieces. I was looking at a desk I had painted white and thought it would be cool if I could get script on the drawer faces—I love ephemera. That idea started all the trouble. I started scouring the Internet looking for script tissue paper. But the script wasn’t anywhere on tissue, so I stumbled onto Zazzle, where you can design your own tissue paper that Digiwrap prints, and I made me some. 

From there, I had a vision—but the products to execute the idea didn’t exist. The issue with decoupaging furniture is that you can find small tissue with small patterns, and when you put that on a piece of furniture, it doesn’t have as big of an impact. So I decided to make designs that were bigger so they would have a larger impact. I started a line of designs on Zazzle that were scaled for larger decoupage projects.

What is your design background?

I don’t have a background in design at all. I’ve just always been creative and my mind works the way it works. I’m trying to be better now and am taking courses. It’s funny because a lot of the things I’m learning I was already applying to my own designs—it’s just how my mind balances things.

At first, I would use my designs for myself and save it on Zazzle—I have a very specific aesthetic. I like “the weirder stuff”—a very steampunk feel. But I have a lot of friends who upcycle and repurpose. One friend likes a farmhouse style. She was like, “I need some chickens and country stuff. Help me out.” After designing some for friends for about a year, I realized there was a market for it—I thought I would see what happened. Then I started listing my designs 3 years ago on Zazzle. It’s really just taken off in the last year and a half. A lot is because I’ve been pouring more effort into my business. Once I started selling my designs, my customers would make requests—floral, butterflies. That has led a lot of my designs.

What are you passionate about?

I love teaching and I am inspired by my students. I work full time and take care of my mom full time. I don’t have time to do all the pieces I used to. Moving forward, I’m looking to do more designing and instruction. I do tutorials and teach others how to do furniture upcycling projects and decoupage. Teaching a class and watching that “aha!” moment is like gold. I love helping others just coming into the industry. And my customers are so much more talented than I am. They are awesome.

I’m also looking forward to experimenting with products. I’m always going to have a project going because I have to—I really do—I have to create. In my day job I do a lot of left brain lifting. When I come home, I have to create.

How do you decide what to upcycle next?

You’re going to laugh at me but it’s the truth: the pieces tell me what they want. Sometimes I don’t agree with them and try to do something different, but it never works out! So a piece will speak to me, and I will buy it and make it new. Sometimes I take something old and change it into something else—I’ll take the bottom of a trunk, put legs on it, add a top, and make it into a console table. But truly, my projects tell me what they want. I recently finished a project, but it didn’t agree with me that it was done, so I started working on it again this week—and it’s turning out totally different!

Roycycled Treasures

What inspires you when you are designing something new?

It depends. It’s always different. I collect ephemera and have an attachment. My friends think I’m crazy, but I might come across an invoice from 1890 with a cool header, and my mind starts mulling over possibilities. In the 1800s, typography was an art form. People would take it very seriously to show off what they do. So ephemera moves me creatively the most. Sometimes I’ll see something beautiful, like an old book, and I’ll think, “Ooo, I wonder if…”. And the more I create, the more ideas I have. I’m working on a design right now that has prompted other ideas. So instead of one design, I have 4 designs, and these all spark others. The inspiration comes and goes in cycles, also. I’ll be in a mode like this and create, and then I won’t for a while.

Do you have tips for anyone interested in trying their own decoupage for the first time?

Be prepared to be patient. You may not do it right the first time. A lot of people try it once and are discouraged. But you can get the hang of it, and then it’s not that hard. It’s a beautiful way to personalize your environment. The things in your home that you love can truly be made yours. If you are just starting, I encourage you to practice with inexpensive tissue and materials. At first, try on a flat surface or an old cabinet door or a piece of wood. Try on something you’re not in love with, so if something goes bad, it’s not a huge deal.

Tracy Johansen

Why does Digiwrap tissue paper work well for decoupaging furniture?

I love the paper. The print quality is phenomenal. I love the fact that it doesn’t bleed at all. When I’m applying with a varnish, I don’t have to worry about any kind of bleed that will affect the design. Also, the 18# paper is perfect for decoupage. And you can use 10# if you have experience, but it is easy to get a wrinkly mess with those sheets if you don’t have experience. 18# is the perfect weight because you still get to maintain the benefits of decoupaging, but it’s heavier so easier to manage. And 20” x 30” is the perfect size to give an opportunity for scale. I can produce things that really make an impact. Also, since it’s digitally printed, my design options are limitless.

I am really grateful for Digiwrap. I don’t know if they realize it or not, but, creatively, it’s not always possible to take what’s in your head and make it happen. But I can with this product—because it’s not a regular printing press with 3 colors to choose from…it’s limitless. I feel like as a designer, I can create anything I want to, which enables me and other creatives to make beautiful pieces of functional artwork. The designs empower other creatives to do more. That’s huge! I’m grateful to be a part of that.

Are you interested in Royce’s designs for decoupaging furniture? Check them out on her store.

Or, design your own tissue paper here

Gift Some Bubbly or Wine in a Personalized Wine Gift Bag!
Gift Some Bubbly or Wine in a Personalized Wine Gift Bag!

It’s time to celebrate! But you aren’t sure what to give as a gift. A bottle of wine or champagne may sound like a great idea—but is it personal enough? You can make it personal by packaging it just right! Consider a custom-made wine bottle gift bag to give the gift the personal touch it deserves.

Sounds expensive—is it?

Not at all! This is what Digiwrap does. Your custom gift bag will cost anywhere from $4.39-$6.99 per bag, depending on the quantity you order.

But I’m sure there’s a minimum quantity, right?

Yes—the minimum quantity is 1. :-) You can order anywhere from 1 to 500+, and the price comes down per bag as quantities get greater.

So what can I put on the bag?

You can put anything on the bag from a photo you upload to a design you’ve created, going fully custom. Or, if you’re not a designer, no problem! Choose one of our templates and easily customize with your name or message. We have designs ranging from wedding-themed to celebratory to simply “From, Your Name.” It’s never been easier to design your custom wine gift bag.

What are you celebrating? Whether it’s a housewarming gift, graduation, new job, or a wedding, the gift of wine or bubbly can now be totally personal. Check out our custom wine gift bags today!

Tissue Paper Idea: Decorate a Blown-Out Egg

We love when our customers send us their interesting, out-of-the-“bag” ideas for how to use our products. And with customizable Tissue Paper and Gift Bags as our products, we encounter a lot of creative customers.

Last week we were wow-ed by Digiwrap customer Sonia, who took Easter egg decorating to a whole new level. She created an egg with a delicate flower design using our custom printed tissue paper.

First she blew out some eggs.

She cut the tissue paper and glued. You can use Mod Podge and a paintbrush, or even just Elmers glue would work fine!

She completed the gift by using a custom-printed gift bag—and the results were an incredible Easter-basket filler and gorgeous keepsake.

Interested in printing your own tissue paper or gift bag for your next project? Order some today

Wedding Favor Idea: Customized Gift Bags!

When you are planning your wedding, you want everything to match up exactly to your vision. There is no better way to accomplish that than going fully custom! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite uses for custom gift bags created by clever brides and grooms. Say thank you to your guests and wedding party in a big, memorable way by designing your own custom gift bag and tissue paper.

1. Thank You Favor Bag

Add a photo of the bride and groom, and include a message on the back. Fill it with whatever your heart desires—candy, artisan items, items that represent the bride and groom’s favorite places. Then personalize the tissue paper as well for added “wow!” factor.

2. Table Number Favor Bag

<p">Kill two birds with one stone by making the favor bag into a table number. Since Digiwrap custom gift bags are digitally printed, you can order just one of each design. Digiwrap can work with you to make this happen, and your guests will love to keep the bag as part of the gift after.

3. Wedding Party “Thank You”

You want to celebrate your wedding party and how much they mean to you, and what better way to celebrate than with your favorite bubbly or wine? But that can seem impersonal on its own—customize it with an awesome bag to mark the occasion!

4. Wedding Welcome Bag

For guests staying overnight at a hotel, or especially if you are having a destination wedding, offer a welcome bag when they get to their room. Include a welcome message on the bag and a description of what they’ll find inside—whether it’s snacks, some of your favorite things, or—if you’re planning on a wild party—a hangover kit for the day after the wedding.

Ready to customize your big day? Order your custom gift bags and tissue paper today!

Valentines Approaches: If That Filled You With Planning Anxiety, Read This

That’s right. Valentines approaches, and you're SO will be expecting something. We don’t care what you get her, and she won’t either, as long as you package it the right way. An old friend of ours, Bill, demonstrated this concept perfectly. He used to buy thoughtful gifts, only to present them in the most horrible, 5-second-effort way. The results were always no bueno.

Then he discovered the Digi-way.

This Valentines Day, don’t be Bill. If this custom-tissue wrap with a handcrafted flower isn’t for you, we get it. And we can make it even simpler.

Check out the pre-made customizable gift bag designs available on Zazzle. Upload a recent pic of the two of you, order, and be on your happy way to a lovely holiday.

Interested in ordering your custom Valentines gift bag? Save yourself the anxiety of planning out how to make Valentines special and order yours today

Customize Your Holiday Wrapping to Make Every Gift a “Wow!”

Ahhhhh, gift giving at the holidays. That beautiful tradition of reading someone’s wish list of gift cards and purchasing the one that’s your favorite. Or, if you’re the other side of the coin, of thinking for hours and hours and days and days, until you’ve come up with the best and most personal gift. Either way, you just need one thing to bring the gift to the next level. If you’re the last minute gift card type, welcome to the easy touch that will take it from impersonal to full of thought. And if you’re the thoughtful type, welcome to the way to make it the ultimate in thoughtfulness: personalized tissue wrap.

Custom printed paper is:

  • Surprisingly simple to do
  • Surprisingly inexpensive, since you can print any quantity
  • Surprisingly thoughtful to any recipient from any recipient

Check out our easy, fill-in-the spaces designs:

Custom Printed Christmas Tissue Paper


Custom Printed Hanukkah Tissue Paper


Custom Printed Gift Bags

Upload your own photo and copy to any sized gift bag, including a mini, which is the perfect gift-card size!


Place your order today for your custom tissue paper or gift bags to be on your way to the ultimate in personalized and thoughtful gifts!

What Are You Thankful For? Creative Thanksgiving Memory-Making Game Ideas

Many people love to take Thanksgiving to reflect on everything they are thankful for—and we find it to be especially impactful to write those things down and share them with others. We love the idea of physically writing those things on paper and placing them in a gift bag. The act of putting the written idea down on paper makes the thought concrete. And placing it in a gift bag gives you a sense of the gift that the written thing is. Plus, the gift bag can be saved with the memories and put out as decor every November.

Without further ado, here is our simple Thanksgiving memory-making idea!

Memory embracing version:

1. Have paper or index cards and pens available on the table as the meal is being prepared. Have friends and family members who are at your celebration write down what they are thankful for this year. If you are feeling crafty, offer stickers, colored pencils, and other items so that if they want to, they can make their idea beautiful. (This could also be a fun activity for children who might be at your party—have them decorate the cards or paper ahead of time, leaving space for guests’ answers.)

2. Have guests place their idea into their custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag. (At the end of the celebration, this bag can be saved and put out as a Thanksgiving decoration in the years that follow!)

3. Have each person at the table reach in and read one card out loud during the dinner. Or, have the host read each. As an additional fun spin, you can have everyone try to guess who wrote it after it is read.

4. Don’t forget to gather them all and save the Thanksgiving bag for future years!

Fun and funny version:

1. Have two different colors of paper on the table. On the first color, have your guests write what they are thankful for. On the second color, have them finish the thought with a “because” statement. So, for example, on yellow someone writes “I am thankful for my dog…” and on blue, they write, “…because he is fuzzy, warm, cuddly, and greets me at the door with love whenever I get home.”

2. Collect both colors of paper from all guests in your custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag.

3. During dinner, have each person randomly pull one paper of each color. Have them read the paper as a complete thought and watch the hilarity of the mixed up cards ensue!

4. After the meal, tape the paper together to save them either as the funny version, or piece back together the originals for a sentimental, lasting memory.

At Digiwrap, we are thankful for our customers, who are creative, thoughtful, gift-giving people. After all, it takes a lot of thoughtfulness to plan a gift down to the perfect custom-made, personalized packaging. So as Thanksgiving approaches, we are giving thanks for giving, and especially for all of the people who give in such a beautiful way.

Interested in ordering a custom Thanksgiving gift bag for the game? Order yours today!

Broken Bag Story: Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Inexpensive

A friend of Digiwrap was recently in a rush to wrap a present for his brother—a very expensive bottle of whiskey. He threw it in a plain nationwide brand gift bag he purchased at a store for $4.50, and in the parking lot on the way to bring the gift to the party, the worst thing happened: the bottom of the bag dropped out, and the bottle of whiskey smashed to the ground. We’re sure that’s the last time he’ll put an expensive gift in a cheap bag.

At Digiwrap, one of the things customers comment on the most in reviews is the high quality of our bags. For nearly the same price as an un-personalized national brand gift bag, they purchase a gift bag hoping for a nice personalized way to present a good gift—and they get both what they were looking for and an unexpectedly well-constructed bag to protect whatever present is inside. In fact, it’s nice enough that the recipient will be able to reuse it over and over and it will still be good as new.

A few examples of what customers have said:

“I am super pleased with this gift bag, it's a nice size and seems strong and durable. It should last a long time and has two strong handles.”

“Good, high glossed bag that is heavy and strong.”

“I’ve purchased what I thought was top quality gift bags In my lifetime... and these right here! are top notch thick and sturdy!”

“Opened up the package to find a heavy weight, well made quality gift bag. The size was bigger than expected and the rope handle added that extra touch of class!”

Some of our favorite words that pop up often in reviews:

  • “Durable”
  • “High quality”
  • “Sturdy”
  • “Well made”
  • “Heavy weight”
  • “Strong”

Check out all of our reviews on Zazzle, where 96% of reviewers have given us 5 Stars.

Interested in purchasing your personalized gift bag? Order one today 

Custom Gift Bags Promote the Empowered Poor at its Changing Lives Golf Outing

In August 2023, Empowered Poor hosted its annual Changing Lives golf outing. Empowered Poor is a nonprofit based in Huntley, Illinois, dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty among the underprivileged and marginalized in India and South Asia. It does this by making economic opportunities available to individuals, thereby building strong and stable communities.

DigiWrap was a part of this special event from start to finish. Empowered Poor began by handing out custom gift bags filled with everything guests would need for the day, including a sleeve of golf balls and snacks to enjoy while on the green. At the closing ceremony, custom bags full of prizes were handed out to winners. DigiWrap was happy to help promote this great cause. Learn more about the benefits of using custom gift bags at your charity or business event.

The golf outing, dinner, and program took place at Whisper Creek Golf Course in Huntley, Illinois. The event raised $30,000 and will help 200 families in India. We are always happy to see our products used for a good cause.

Learn more about Empowered Poor.

Customer Spotlight: Personalized Products without the Hassle of DIY-ing at Willo Bixby

At Digiwrap, we are all about personalizing—after all, custom-printed tissue paper and gift bags are our jam! So we love the idea behind Willo Bixby, an Etsy shop where people can order personalized products without having to DIY.

Tiffany Bryant, the brains and creative force behind Willo Bixby, left us one of our favorite reviews to date! We love knowing that the packaging of her product gave her confidence as she moves forward with her awesome business plan:

“I’m not one to get emotional very easily (OK, OK you caught me...😆) but I was nearly brought to tears when I opened my packages! I'd already been blown away by the excellent customer service and the finished product put me over the top. I've been wanting to start a small business for some time and finally got the courage to take the leap. Digiwrap made the marketing ideas in my head real, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. My motto this year has been "Do MORE...fear LESS" and trying this out was certainly scary. TY TY TY for making it so easy and for making my business look like a million bucks. I will definitely be ordering again soon.”

Thank you, Tiffany! Now without further ado, learn more about Willo Bixby, Tiffany, and support her in her work if you love custom and personalized products but aren’t sure you have it in you to DIY!

About Willo Bixby:

Creating customized and personalized products has never been easier and more affordable with the proliferation of in-home cutting and pressing machines; however, not everyone has the time or the eye for design. From T-shirts to backpacks and cups to keychains, Willo Bixby offers the unique, one-of-a-kind character you want from DIY-ing without the hassle of TRYing.    

Where did you get the idea, and how did you decide to get started?

I refer to myself as an "ideator”—someone who always seems to have a good idea partying with the lint and gum wrappers in their back pocket. I am also notorious for being a procrastinator—someone who never acts on said ideas and casts them aside with said lint out of fear because, like many other women, I too suffer from being P.I.S.S.E.D.: a Perfectionist and Imposter Syndrome Sufferer Every Day. I’m constantly asking myself, What if it's not good enough? What if no one likes it? What could I possibly have to offer that hasn't already been said or done? 

I knew I wanted to do something because I had hundreds of ideas in my journals, but I couldn't convince myself anything would be worthwhile. Sad but true.

After a milestone birthday last year (no, I will not tell you which one but thanks for asking 😄 ) and a seemingly unending parade of “I-could-have-done-that” encounters online, I was fed up with watching from the sidelines. Nevertheless, I was inspired to buy the cutting machine I'd been stalking for six months (and no lie, it took another three months to even open the box). Finally, I started making things in my spare time. Taking letters from my name and the "with love" concept I wanted to convey in my work, the company name, Willo Bixby, was born. It felt smart, unique, cool, and mature, just like me. Or like my great-great-great grandmother who survived the Antebellum south, according to my husband. Pretty sure she was super cool too so it works either way.

Why are you passionate about your product?

Everything I make is a personal reminder that I can do whatever I put my mind to because I'm the only person who matters standing in the way. I am not the  ______est (insert adjective here) person in the room, but I am still worthy of being there because there is enough space for us all—preferably in a corner with the rest of the socially awkward introverts. Thanks!

Everyone should have the opportunity to feel empowered, and Willo Bixby is the battery in my back giving me life in ways my professional career hasn't. My neck and head hurt from bumping into and staring up through the glass ceiling every day. (In case my boss is reading this, I love my job and the work is extremely fulfilling!)

What inspires you when you are designing something new?

There isn't a nice way to put this, so I'll come right out and say it—my inspiration is pure selfishness!  I want to hear the "oohs and aahs" and "OMG that's soooo cute, I love it" from my customers so I learn as much as I can about them and the project before I start designing. I want to know, What's your favorite color? Is this a gift for you or someone else? What's the sentiment behind it? How should it make me...I feel? All this information influences the design choices and helps deliver a more memorable product and experience for the client. Nothing feels better than hearing "you did a good job.” Like I said totally selfish, I know, but it feels super win-win for them and for me, so I don't stress myself too much about it.

Why is presentation in your packaging important?

I don't even know where to start. There aren't enough fingers and toes on the planet to count how many times we've found ourselves buying something we don't need (or really even want for that matterI’m looking at you, Target) because the packaging or store presentation subconsciously said "give me your wallet,” and we were handing over all our cash and valuables without realizing we were being stuck up by pretty color combinations or fonts that reminded us of our first kiss or the last dance. Humans only need three basic things to survive: food, water, and shelter. But, to feel alive, these three things must make you feel better than basic, and any good marketing/sales person worth their salt knows presentation is the tool that bridges between surviving and living. Live, honey, liiiiiiiiiive!!!!

What do you do for fun?

The best compliment I can receive on any given day is, "Cute shoes;'re an accountant?!"  Making business and finance decisions all day may sound really fun, but even I need a break every now and again from being about that crazy CPA (certified public accountant) life. Willo Bixby is one place I'm currently channeling the creative, left-brained side of my life (because creative accounting in the workplace will typically land you in jail, and head-to-toe county orange is not the best color for my neutral undertones…). I am just a nerd in cool people's clothing, so of course I enjoy reading and watching documentaries on all things weird and informational (not mutually exclusive). I am a huge sports junkie (golf and hockey though...gross). I inexplicably love llamas and alpacas (fight me, bro).  I am just a regular haberdashery of fun and good tidings all around.

Learn more about and shop Willo Bixby—we'll add the link once the shop is open! Coming soon!