How to Elevate Flowers for Mother’s Day to a New Level

When people purchase a custom gift bag, it’s often treasured by the recipient.  Where most gift bags are used and tossed, a personalized gift bag becomes a keepsake.  It’s part of the gift. (Sometimes the best, most personal part!)

We are innovating products every day, and our next bag is coming out soon. For a sneak peak, we are presenting another out-of-the-bag idea just in time for Mother’s Day. Elevate flowers to a new level by personalizing the package using this 5” custom gift bag. The flowers, which came in a 4” pot and are available in most grocery store floral departments, have a plastic liner that fits perfectly into the gift bag. This gives mom, or anyone special in your life, the perfect reason to hang onto and display the bag for all to see.

Interested in ordering your own custom bag for your flower gift? It is not yet available online, but as a special insider you can order one upon request. Email the sales team at and ask about the “Flower Gift Bag.” We will help you create incredibly personalized gifts for your loved ones.

Quick Delivery Personalized Gift Bags or Tissue Paper? Yes!

At Digiwrap, we get it—life gets in the way of even the best-laid plans. When you need something personalized or customized, but you’ve waited until the last minute, it isn’t too late. We are able to not only personalize even the smallest quantity orders, but we are able to provide a quick turn time. If you are in the US, it is also a bonus our product is made in the USA—costs are low and delivery is that much quicker. In fact, we can deliver the highest quality of full-color prints in 7 business days or less, with an optional 2-day rush. How can we do it so quickly without compromising quality?

  • Digital printing. Look to our name for a clue—“Digi” wrap means our products our printed digitally. Digital printing is a fast process, allowing us to produce high-quality color, in small to large quantities, fast.
  • US-based, personal service. Digiwrap is an American company based right outside of Chicago. Our production and our customer service all happens at this central location, which allows for our fantastic turnaround time as well as an extra layer of personalized service. We make sure that you are happy with your order, and our many repeat customers are a sign to us that we are doing the job right.
  • Our most exciting example: Shark Tank Open Casting Call. To illustrate the speed, read about how we landed a spot on Shark Tank a few years ago.

So do you have a logo you need printed on tissue paper or a gift bag for an event next week? Do you have a photo you need printed on wedding favor gift bags, and the big day is this month? Do you have a gift you’d like to give for a friend’s birthday in a few weeks and it just needs the perfect touch? It is not too late to place your order today! Order now.

Digiwrap’s Impromptu Hand Delivery: Customer Service that Goes the Extra 790 Miles

Recently, when a major carrier couldn't deliver a Digiwrap order in time for our customer, we took matters into our own hands.

As a small business, we love to give our customers the attention and appreciation they deserve. Our focus is personal—we create custom-printed products, so each order is unique. Our product reflects that, and so does our service and personal attention. Every order matters to us. We recently had a wild experience of being able to deliver for a customer in a major way—even when one of the world’s most popular international shipping companies couldn’t do the job.

On January 28, 2019, the Chicago area, where we are located, received 3-5 inches of snow and was about to be hit with a polar vortex and the coldest recorded temperature ever. It was so much that pickups and deliveries were delayed but not cancelled.

4PM: A Digiwrap order was completed and ready for overnight delivery to New York City.

6:30PM: The package was delivered to the shipping company and scanned in well ahead of the allowed drop off time for express packages. We aren’t notified of problems and assume it will be delivered the next day as promised.

Tuesday, January 29:

9AM: We were alerted that the package didn’t move since being dropped off at the facility. We called to confirm why it wasn’t on its way. Weather conditions had caused the final shipment of the day to be cancelled. The shipping company was unable to deliver the product same-day.

10AM: The customer lets us know that the Digiwrap item is time sensitive—if they didn’t have it that day, it would be useless to them. We knew the only way to get it to them would be to deliver it personally. A last minute round trip is booked for Charlie Williams, Digiwrap co-founder, to NYC!

10:30AM: Charlie picks up the package from the carrier.

11AM: Brad Boskovic, co-founder, drives Charlie to the airport for his afternoon flight. The flight has a few delays but finally takes off.

4PM: Plane touches down at LaGuardia! Charlie grabs an Uber.

5PM: Charlie hand-delivers the package—and Digiwrap’s same day cross-country delivery is complete!

This personal service isn’t just a one-time story. Our reputation for customer care is evidenced in our reviews—currently we have 892 reviews on Zazzle, and we are at nearly 5/5 stars average. We would love to take care of you and your business’s custom-print tissue and gift bag needs!

Interested in ordering custom tissue or gift bags for your business? Order today. You never know—maybe you’ll get co-owner custom delivery service if the renowned shipping company can’t get the job done right!

We Now Offer Digitally Printed Labels of Various Sizes and Shapes - 30% Off Your Entire Purchase

Try us! Buy digitally printed customized labels for yourself or your business today, and take 30% off of your entire purchase.

At Digiwrap, we are experts in digitally printing customized art on just about anything from tissue paper to bags. Now we’ve applied this same expertise to digitally printing labels of various sizes and shapes. So now, you can have us print your artwork directly on a bag — OR — you can purchase plain bags from us and have us print labels for you to apply to the bags. Of course, you can also just print labels. It’s all up to you.

Make Your Wine Gift Festive with Custom Gift Bags

You are likely attending a lot of family and friend parties this holiday season. Show up with the gift perfect for the host or hostess with the mostest—a bottle of wine or bubbly with a custom gift bag! Digiwrap offers custom wine gift bags on, with over 18,000 designs available!

Why it makes a great gift:

  • Print a fully custom bag with a picture of your host or a personal message, or choose a ready-made design, many of which you can easily personalize with a name and/or photo.
  • Fill it with a bottle of your host’s favorite wine or bubbly.
  • Each costs only around $10, and Zazzle is often running a discount! (Currently, if you use the code 25OFFSITEZAZ you save 25 percent!)
  • The bags are highly rated on Zazzle, with 95% of customers giving 5 out of 5 star reviews. A few of our favorite quotes from customers:

“High quality bag, exceeded expectations. Durable holes, rope is threaded and not plastic, beautiful quality.”

“I was impressed with the quality of the bag. The picture and text are crisp and easy to see. The bag is made of a heavy paper.”

“The colors, printing, photos...everything is sharp and clear and extremely well done!”

Order your custom printed wine gift bag today!

Digiwrap Offers New Online Store Discount

We are happy today to announce an all-new store that makes the process of ordering your custom printed tissue paper and gift bags easier. The new site offers an intuitive ordering process so you can easily customize and order what you need. And new to the online store—custom printed gift bags! Previously these were available only through Zazzle. Now you can order them in bulk directly from our online store.

To celebrate the grand opening of the new online store, we are offering customers a 25 percent discount on your first order in the new store when you use the code DigiStore2017. This discount is good for the remainder of the year!

New site features:

  • Order custom-printed tissue paper, custom-printed gift bags in several sizes, or plain tissue paper cut to exact size specifications
  • Easy step-by-step ordering process
  • Customize using photo upload
  • Customize gift bag orders down to color of the handle
  • Choose from step-and-repeat patterns or fully custom photo or design upload
  • Create an account to shop faster, be up to date on the status of your order, and keep track of the orders you have previously made
Maker Demo: Thoughtful Packaging Adds Valuable Connection with Customer

Joel Cherrico of Cherrico Pottery has a passion for his product. This becomes immediately clear from his website and social feed. Just a glance through all the photos of mugs, jars, and vases and you can see—the gorgeous pottery tells its own story of beauty. But the story doesn’t end there.

Recently Joel posted a live video of a late-night packaging session in his office. In just the 15-minute process of walking his fans through getting two mugs out to ship, his passion for his work becomes clear. You can see he’s taken great care of how the customer will receive his work. The details he’s added to what goes into each box add up to what we’d call a big hug from him to his customers.

“Most people who buy this pottery want to connect with the artist somehow, so just a simple note on every one…I know it seems like it takes a long time, but if they’re going to take the time to support your work and buy it, this seems like an easy thing to do,” says Joel.

Cherrico Pottery

His packaging includes information about his Guinness Record for "Most pots thrown in one hour by an individual,” biodegradable peanuts and a clear explanation for why he uses them, a handwritten and individually addressed message if he has time to include it, a box with his logo hand-painted, and our favorite piece—a sheet of custom printed tissue paper to enhance the theme of his design.

The custom printed tissue paper is our favorite (of course, because it’s our product!). But also because, with all of the other elements, he could just wrap his product with a sheet of plain white paper and call it a day. Instead, though, he knows that the story is in the details. And we love that a piece of tissue paper will help to show his customers how much he cares about his art.

Learn more about Joel and Cherrico Pottery.

Wedding Favor Idea: Chicago Couple Personalizes a Custom Gift Bag!

We love when smart brides and grooms take advantage of our custom gift bags for their wedding favors. Since the gift bags can be fully customized and printed in a short run, custom printed gift bags make the perfect, personal wedding favor. With a custom gift bag, you can personalize your wedding favor while still sending your guests home with the things they crave—chocolates, candies, or anything you choose.

wedding gift bag favors

Recently, we were excited when a Chicago bride printed custom gift bags for her guests. This wedding celebration took place at Bottom Lounge in Chicago's West Loop. The couple enjoys crossfit together, so they decided to incorporate it into their design. A friend of the bride and groom designed the bag and custom tissue paper to match their invitations and color scheme. The wedding favors were filled with heart-shaped chocolates. The guests loved the bags, and we noticed a few people snagging any extra unattended ones at the end of the night.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Photos provided and used with permission by Lori Sapio Photography.

Would you like to order custom gift bags for your wedding? Order yours today!

We also offer custom printed tissue paper. Design your own, or choose from one of our many easy “fill-in-the-blank” designs.

Digiwrap Shares Shark Tank and Business Experience at Downers Grove North

When Downers Grove North called to ask if Charlie Williams, one of Digiwrap’s founders and an alum of the school, would come speak to students in the Entrepreneurship Course last May, he was more than happy to oblige—it was sure to be a far less intense experience than when he and co-founder Brad Boskovic swam with ABC’s sharks on a December episode of Shark Tank last year. Charlie was happy to return to his alma mater and share about the whirlwind experience.

When Williams attended school at North, he had no idea business would be in his future. Students found his speech totally inspiring and were excited to receive business advice from Williams and gain insight into his journey of appearing on Shark Tank.

Downers Grove North

“This was an incredible opportunity for North students to learn from a successful young entrepreneur. While students loved hearing about Charlie’s experience on Shark Tank, this was an opportunity for students to make a connection with an entrepreneur who was walking the same hallways only a few years earlier,” said Entrepreneurship teacher, Drew Himes.

Top 5 Print Design Trends of 2017

With advancements in technology, the print design industry is changing all the time. We love thinking of new and interesting ways print can be used as digital printing capabilities expand. Sabine Lenz, the Paper Queen of Paperspecs, a magazine about the power of print design, recently hosted a webinar discussing the Top 5 Print Design Trends of 2017. We were honored to be featured as she discussed Trend 5: Make It Personal!

In the clip featured here, you can start at 35:45 to hear about why it’s important to “Make It Personal” when you are printing something. As you know, with custom tissue gift wrap and gift bags that you can print in quantities starting at 1, Digiwrap is all about making things personal! Click below to hear Charlie and Brad discuss the benefits of digital printing, background into the business, and Digiwrap’s extreme ability to customize tissue paper and gift bags!