What Are You Thankful For? Creative Thanksgiving Memory-Making Game Ideas

Many people love to take Thanksgiving to reflect on everything they are thankful for—and we find it to be especially impactful to write those things down and share them with others. We love the idea of physically writing those things on paper and placing them in a gift bag. The act of putting the written idea down on paper makes the thought concrete. And placing it in a gift bag gives you a sense of the gift that the written thing is. Plus, the gift bag can be saved with the memories and put out as decor every November.

Without further ado, here is our simple Thanksgiving memory-making idea!

Memory embracing version:

1. Have paper or index cards and pens available on the table as the meal is being prepared. Have friends and family members who are at your celebration write down what they are thankful for this year. If you are feeling crafty, offer stickers, colored pencils, and other items so that if they want to, they can make their idea beautiful. (This could also be a fun activity for children who might be at your party—have them decorate the cards or paper ahead of time, leaving space for guests’ answers.)

2. Have guests place their idea into their custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag. (At the end of the celebration, this bag can be saved and put out as a Thanksgiving decoration in the years that follow!)

3. Have each person at the table reach in and read one card out loud during the dinner. Or, have the host read each. As an additional fun spin, you can have everyone try to guess who wrote it after it is read.

4. Don’t forget to gather them all and save the Thanksgiving bag for future years!

Fun and funny version:

1. Have two different colors of paper on the table. On the first color, have your guests write what they are thankful for. On the second color, have them finish the thought with a “because” statement. So, for example, on yellow someone writes “I am thankful for my dog…” and on blue, they write, “…because he is fuzzy, warm, cuddly, and greets me at the door with love whenever I get home.”

2. Collect both colors of paper from all guests in your custom-made Thanksgiving gift bag.

3. During dinner, have each person randomly pull one paper of each color. Have them read the paper as a complete thought and watch the hilarity of the mixed up cards ensue!

4. After the meal, tape the paper together to save them either as the funny version, or piece back together the originals for a sentimental, lasting memory.

At Digiwrap, we are thankful for our customers, who are creative, thoughtful, gift-giving people. After all, it takes a lot of thoughtfulness to plan a gift down to the perfect custom-made, personalized packaging. So as Thanksgiving approaches, we are giving thanks for giving, and especially for all of the people who give in such a beautiful way.

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Custom Gift Bags Promote the Empowered Poor at its Changing Lives Golf Outing

In August 2018, Empowered Poor hosted its annual Changing Lives golf outing. Empowered Poor is a nonprofit based in Huntley, Illinois, dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty among the underprivileged and marginalized in India and South Asia. It does this by making economic opportunities available to individuals, thereby building strong and stable communities.

DigiWrap was a part of this special event from start to finish. Empowered Poor began by handing out custom gift bags filled with everything guests would need for the day, including a sleeve of golf balls and snacks to enjoy while on the green. At the closing ceremony, custom bags full of prizes were handed out to winners. DigiWrap was happy to help promote this great cause. Learn more about the benefits of using custom gift bags at your charity or business event.

The golf outing, dinner, and program took place at Whisper Creek Golf Course in Huntley, Illinois. The event raised $30,000 and will help 200 families in India. We are always happy to see our products used for a good cause.

Learn more about Empowered Poor.

A Custom Bag for Your Swag: Giveaway Ideas for Your Charity or Business Event

When your business or nonprofit is planning a large group fundraiser, opening party, charity event, or other activity where hundreds of people are coming together for one purpose, a gift bag or take home package can be the best way to keep their event and your group top of mind when they leave. People love swag—especially when it’s useful, creative, and interesting. A giveaway thanks them for their time, commemorates the day, and gives them a physical reminder of the event you spent so much time putting together.

Ideas and tips for your corporate or nonprofit event giveaway:

  • Carry out the theme. You likely have spent time considering a color scheme, theme, and other marketing materials. Use a custom gift bag to wrap anything—candy, a knick knack or gadget with your logo on it—and your theme can be complete. You started it all with a theme, so finish it in the same way for a tidy, themed package.
  • Include an important picture. People love to see the “person” behind your event. A face gives your event a personal touch and tells the real, memorable story. Give your gift or take-home bag a face—include a picture of the person your event is celebrating, the client of the nonprofit, the testimonial. It’s easy to include pictures on Digiwrap’s custom gift bags.
  • Include sponsor logos on the back of the bag. Your event sponsors love to know their investment was worthwhile—and the more you promote them, the better chance they will reinvest next year. Putting their logos on the back of the gift bag allows your attendees to take their identity home with them in an extremely visible way.
  • Give contact information. Help people to continue the relationship with you and your event. Include your logo, your email or web address, and your social media handles. It doesn’t have to be large or the main focus of the design—but it will help make it easy for people to know where to find you if they need to.
  • Create a re-giftable design. People love to reduce, reuse, recycle. And Digiwrap custom gift bags are made of top-notch, super durable material. (Just read our Zazzle reviews—our customers can’t stop talking about the quality of the bag!) So if you create a design that is clearly themed and customized for your event, but that is plain enough to be re-usable, the gift bag becomes part of the gift. Then put any custom info or material on the tissue you include (we have custom printed tissue paper also), and people can re-use the bag and remember the event again!

Interested in using a customized gift bag for giveaways at your next corporate event, fundraiser, or charity event? Choose any quantity from 1-1000+, and a range of sizes. Your order can be ready in as little as a 7 days!

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5 Awesome Wedding Favor Tips For a Personal Gift Your Guests Will Love

For your big day, you want a wedding favor that will thank guests in a big way. Often this gift can be tricky—you don’t want guests to leave with a knick-knack they don’t care about and will toss (or worse, leave on the table). You also want something that fits your theme, and most importantly, that is unique and personal.

We gathered these tips on putting together the best wedding favor ever.

1. When in doubt, go for edible. In the age of minimalism, people might not want something that will be a duplicate of items they already have, or that will collect dust in their home. But edible items can be enjoyed without taking up space. Pick a favorite candy or treat, like cake pops, macarons, or local coffee beans or a beer from a favorite brewery. Digiwrap has various sizes of custom bags to choose from as well as versatile tissue options, so whether you choose a couple of luxury chocolates, your favorite bottle of wine, or anything in between, Digiwrap has the perfect packaging to accommodate it.

2. Support your favorite cause. Do you have a cause that, as a couple, you love to support? Advertise it. Use your favor bags to showcase your special place and let people know that part of their gift will go towards it. For example, put a “Help us Save the Butterflies” message on a sheet of Digiwrap custom tissue and use it to make a sachet filled with milkweed seeds for your guests to plant. Buy artisan items that support their makers and put them in bags that explain their significance. Use your custom Digiwrap bags to thank your guests for supporting you and your cause, and spread the word about something that matters to you along the way.

3. Consider your favorite locations. Where did you meet? Where was your first date? Where have you been, or where are you going on your honeymoon? Consider a product people associate with one of these places and create a favor with that in mind. Give coffee beans from the shop where you met, lavender soap from your dream trip to Paris, or pastries from your favorite bakery.  Put them in a bag with a photo of you at the location to show you are sharing something meaningful. Plus you will be promoting that business, ensuring you will be able to continue enjoying your favorites as newlyweds!

4. DIY. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Put a favorite recipe on your custom Digiwrap bag and put an essential ingredient inside. Make or bake something if that’s your thing. If you’re crafty, make your own soap, bath soak, potpourri, or candles and wrap them in Digiwrap custom tissue. You can even use Digiwrap custom tissue to decoupage something special. The possibilities are endless!

5. Personalize it. Don’t forget, the wedding day is YOUR DAY, so you’d be missing an opportunity if you didn’t make the favor uniquely “you.” You can do this with anything from our list and more when you use Digiwrap custom packaging for your favors. Design your own tissue paper for a gift bag, use it to wrap a box, or even line an envelope with it if you are doing a “donation made in your honor” gift. Or easily personalize the gift bag itself by adding a pic to one of our highly rated custom gift bags!

A lot of people planning weddings turn to Digiwrap custom packaging when they want an extremely custom wedding favor that doesn’t break the budget. Our custom tissue gift wrap and wedding gift bags that can be ordered in quantities of 1-500+ are perfect for personalizing a wedding favor, whether it’s anything from your favorite candy to something more substantial. The above tips combined with the perfect packaging will have you well on your way to a memorable, unique, and personal favor your guests will love!

Get started designing your custom tissue paper now! You can choose from ready-made templates on Zazzle where you can add your own copy or photo, or upload your own design or logo!

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Broken Bag Story: Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Inexpensive

A friend of Digiwrap was recently in a rush to wrap a present for his brother—a very expensive bottle of whiskey. He threw it in a plain nationwide brand gift bag he purchased at a store for $4.50, and in the parking lot on the way to bring the gift to the party, the worst thing happened: the bottom of the bag dropped out, and the bottle of whiskey smashed to the ground. We’re sure that’s the last time he’ll put an expensive gift in a cheap bag.

At Digiwrap, one of the things customers comment on the most in reviews is the high quality of our bags. For nearly the same price as an un-personalized national brand gift bag, they purchase a gift bag hoping for a nice personalized way to present a good gift—and they get both what they were looking for and an unexpectedly well-constructed bag to protect whatever present is inside. In fact, it’s nice enough that the recipient will be able to reuse it over and over and it will still be good as new.

A few examples of what customers have said:

“I am super pleased with this gift bag, it's a nice size and seems strong and durable. It should last a long time and has two strong handles.”

“Good, high glossed bag that is heavy and strong.”

“I’ve purchased what I thought was top quality gift bags In my lifetime... and these right here! are top notch thick and sturdy!”

“Opened up the package to find a heavy weight, well made quality gift bag. The size was bigger than expected and the rope handle added that extra touch of class!”

Some of our favorite words that pop up often in reviews:

  • “Durable”
  • “High quality”
  • “Sturdy”
  • “Well made”
  • “Heavy weight”
  • “Strong”

Check out all of our reviews on Zazzle, where 96% of reviewers have given us 5 Stars.

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FAQs: Where is the product made? How about sustainability? What’s special about Digiwrap?

We understand and love consumer-conscious questions. We get that, more than ever, people love to “shop local” when possible; they are concerned about the product’s effect on the environment, and just want all the details they can get about what they buy. And we agree—it’s important to know the impact of your dollar. We’ve gathered some of the best questions we’ve gotten from thoughtful consumers about Digiwrap’s custom tissue paper and gift bags. See three FAQs below!

Where is your product made? We’re proud to say it’s made in the USA! We make all of our products in our facility just outside of Chicago, IL. We print on tissue manufactured in Rochester, NY. Our bag materials are sourced from mills and converters in Ohio, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

What’s special about your product? So many things! One of the best is that there are no minimums. You can produce the exact amount you need. Whether you need just one bag or exactly 169 sheets of tissue, you can get precisely what you want with no waste. Moreover, each bag or sheet of tissue can be unique. Put a different image, name or saying on each and every product to make it special and personalized to the recipient. Our high-quality bags make them gifts in and of themselves, and our tissue is so beautiful it can be used for projects like decoupage, scrapbooking, or packing away memories. Our items become keepsakes instead of just packaging that adds to the waste stream.

How sustainable are your products? Our tissue is made from 100% recycled post-industrial raw material by a mill that uses renewable hydroelectric power. Our bags use FSC certified recycled content paper, and recyclable polypropylene handles. We’re also introducing our new HDPE euro-tote bag which can be completely recycled.

How to Elevate Flowers for Mother’s Day to a New Level

When people purchase a custom gift bag, it’s often treasured by the recipient.  Where most gift bags are used and tossed, a personalized gift bag becomes a keepsake.  It’s part of the gift. (Sometimes the best, most personal part!)

We are innovating products every day, and our next bag is coming out soon. For a sneak peak, we are presenting another out-of-the-bag idea just in time for Mother’s Day. Elevate flowers to a new level by personalizing the package using this 5” custom gift bag. The flowers, which came in a 4” pot and are available in most grocery store floral departments, have a plastic liner that fits perfectly into the gift bag. This gives mom, or anyone special in your life, the perfect reason to hang onto and display the bag for all to see.

Interested in ordering your own custom bag for your flower gift? It is not yet available online, but as a special insider you can order one upon request. Email the sales team at and ask about the “Flower Gift Bag.” We will help you create incredibly personalized gifts for your loved ones.

Tissue Paper Idea: Decorate a Blown-Out Egg

We love when our customers send us their interesting, out-of-the-“bag” ideas for how to use our products. And with customizable Tissue Paper and Gift Bags as our products, we encounter a lot of creative customers.

Last month we were wow-ed by Digiwrap customer Sonia, who took Easter egg decorating to a whole new level. She created an egg with a delicate flower design using our custom printed tissue paper.

First she blew out some eggs (learn how to do that in the below video).

She cut the tissue paper and glued. You can use Mod Podge and a paintbrush, or even just Elmers glue would work fine!

She completed the gift by using a custom-printed gift bag—and the results were an incredible Easter-basket filler and gorgeous keepsake.

Interested in printing your own tissue paper or gift bag for your next project? Order some today

Customer Spotlight: Personalized Wedding Calligraphy and Paper Goods That Elevates Your Big Day

When you are planning your wedding, why not bring in an artist? Emily Rose Ink offers more than your typical wedding invites. This professional calligrapher has been “drawn to the intersection between words and art” since childhood. She now gathers information about a couple’s vision for their big day and tells the story through her thoughtful calligraphy and art.

Since she offers the ultimate in personalized invites, we are so pleased she has used custom printed tissue paper from Digiwrap to help carry the art and theme of the wedding through all the details, designing custom tissue paper for wedding welcome bags. We sat down with Emily to learn more about her incredible work, her inspiration, and what she does for fun.

Why are you passionate about calligraphy? I've always had good handwriting and loved cursive, but there's something very meditative about calligraphy—dipping the pen, forming the letters—it's like each envelope is a work of art, like a gift for each recipient. Especially these days, it's so rare that we get beautiful hand-written letters in the mail, so it's a really special moment when you find a beautifully calligraphed envelope in your mailbox.

How did you get into it? My sister got married in 2014 and asked me to design her wedding invitations since I had always been really passionate about art and knew my way around photoshop. I took a calligraphy class, and at her wedding, a few people asked me if I would do their invitations, and the rest is history!

What inspires you when you are designing something new? I get a lot of my inspiration from nature; one of the first things I do when I'm working on a custom sketch is to look at pictures of the wedding venue online. I talk to the client about their vision, their passions, why they chose their wedding venue and date, etc...and then I let the setting speak to me. Often, we pull in specific flowers that they are going to be using, and I pull those flowers into the design as well.

How have you used Digiwrap paper? The most common use of Digiwrap paper has been for welcome bags.   

We've loved the custom tissue paper we have created through Digiwrap and are excited to continue using it for our clients in the future! The colors were accurate and vibrant, and the paper was really high-quality.

What do you do for fun? I love to read (I was a high school English teacher in my past life). I love poetry and I have also been trying to read more contemporary novels by women with female protagonists. There was a great article in the NYT with a list and I bought like 10 books from there to read! I crave time with a big cup of coffee and a good book. I also love to walk our two rescue dogs in the park, and practice yoga.

Learn more about Emily Rose Ink

Logo Tissue Paper Perfect for Packaging Your Product

Your logo establishes your brand—it tells your story. Whether you are a maker who sells at art and craft shows, a seller on Etsy, or a business with a giveaway at a trade show or with a special product launch, your packaging matters. You can keep your packaging simple with a plain bag or box, and make it memorable and professional with easy-to-make step-and-repeat logo tissue paper.

And this isn’t something you have to reserve for only the big print runs. You can order logo tissue paper in quantities as low as 2 sheets. Check out a few Digiwrap customers who have taken their packaging to the next level with logo tissue paper:

Interested in placing your logo tissue paper order? It’s easy! Start here

The 6 Step Process for ordering logo tissue paper:

  1. Choose your paper size.
  2. Make simple selections for Paper Type, Color, and Quantity
  3. Choose your template for the pattern of the logo
  4. Upload your logo.
  5. Review and approve the design.
  6. Add your order to the cart and make your purchase!

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